plastic bags recycled in paving project
Canadian companies Nova Chemicals and GreenMantra Technologies partnered to recycle the equivalent of 700,000 plastic bags in a recent paving project.
Darren Patterson |

Canadian companies recycle equivalent of 700K plastic bags in paving projects

The asphalt paving project was completed at the construction site of Nova Chemicals’ newest polyethylene facility.

November 30, 2021

Nova Chemicals Corp., a Calgary, Alberta-based manufacturer of chemicals and plastic resins, and GreenMantra Technologies, Brantford, Ontario, have completed a second asphalt paving project in Ontario, incorporating the equivalent 700,000 plastic bags in postconsumer recycled plastics materials into two pathways and a parking lot.

The project was completed at the construction site of Nova Chemicals’ newest polyethylene (PE) manufacturing facility near Sarnia, Ontario.

GreenMantra initiated a field paving trial in 2020 that included the equivalent of 118,000 plastic bags in two 1,700-foot pathways, and according to Nova Chemicals, based on the positive performance of the test strip last year, the companies proceeded with the expanded paving project.

“This is an excellent example of Canadian innovation and collaboration to shape a world that is better tomorrow than it is today,” says Sarah Marshall, vice president of sustainability at Nova Chemicals. “Together, we are finding new solutions to divert plastic waste from landfill and create a circular economy for plastic materials.”

Nova Chemicals announced several other collaborations earlier this month when it partnered with Milton, Wisconsin-based Charter Next Generation (CNG), an independent producer of high-performance specialty films used in flexible packaging. According to the companies, the goal of that partnership is to increase CNG’s use of postconsumer resin for flexible film applications. 

Nova Chemicals also partnered with Houston-based Circulus, which will supply Nova with recycled PE.

“We’re incredibly proud to introduce railcar quantities of PCR to our portfolio of product offerings,” Luis Sierra, president and CEO of Nova Chemicals, said earlier this month. "This is a significant milestone in how we’re delivering value to our customers and there’s much more to come as we look to achieve our bold ambition of creating a circular economy for plastic materials.”

GreenMantra upcycles postconsumer and postindustrial recycled plastics into specialty waxes and polymer additives that enhance asphalt, roofing and plastic products, and the paving project with Nova Chemicals incorporated a polymer additive from GreenMantra that, according to the company, boosts performance of the asphalt and delivers more durable roads.

“Nova Chemicals’ $2.5 billion investment in two Ontario growth projects brings cutting edge technology, high-paying jobs and long-term viability to the region,” says Rob Thompson, vice president of manufacturing at Nova Chemicals. “This paving project that incorporates recycled plastic in our new parking lot is another way we can demonstrate our commitment to sustainability and being a good neighbor here in Lambton County.”