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Nova Chemicals, Charter Next Generation scale up use of PCR

Through its partnership with Nova Chemicals, Charter Next Generation is increasing its use of postconsumer resin for flexible film applications.

November 2, 2021

Nova Chemicals Corp., a Calgary, Alberta-based manufacturer of chemicals and plastic resins, has collaborated with Charter Next Generation (CNG), a Milton, Wisconsin-based independent producer of high-performance specialty films used in flexible packaging, to increase CNG’s use of postconsumer resin for flexible film applications. Nova Chemicals says railcar quantities of PCR arrived at CNG’s manufacturing facilities in October.

“We’re incredibly proud to introduce railcar quantities of PCR to our portfolio of product offerings. This is a significant milestone in how we’re delivering value to our customers and there’s much more to come as we look to achieve our bold ambition of creating a circular economy for plastic materials,” says Luis Sierra, president and chief executive officer of Nova Chemicals. “Incorporating PCR into products and packaging is an essential component to eliminating plastic waste. We are delighted to work with film producers like Charter Next Generation to help shape a world where plastic products are even better tomorrow than they are today.”

According to a news release from Nova Chemicals, the company’s polyethylene (PE) PCR business is expanding to support customer demand for recyclable film structures with recycled content to meet converter, brand owner and retailer sustainability goals. CNG’s purchase of recycled, linear low-density polyethylene (rLLDPE) can be used in a range of nonfood film applications, including e-commerce packaging, heavy-duty sacks, collation shrink and industrial films.

“Charter Next Generation is proud to be a leader in sustainable film solutions and is committed to proving that circularity at scale is possible,” says Kathy Bolhous, chief executive officer of Charter Next Generation, adding that the company’s work with Nova Chemicals is helping to advance its circularity goals.

The PCR that CNG is purchasing from Nova Chemicals will be used in films that are sold as part of the GreenArrow platform. The platform enables firms to reduce carbon footprint and greenhouse gas emissions, use postconsumer recycled resins and convert multimaterial, unrecyclable packaging into recyclable formats approved for store drop-off.

“CNG is a leader in the plastics circularity journey,” says Greg DeKunder, vice president of polyethylene marketing at Nova Chemicals. “The GreenArrow platform demonstrates a deep commitment to sustainability and how CNG is taking action. We look forward to continuing our long-standing collaborative relationship and meeting CNG’s PE-PCR supply needs.”