Pellenc debuts QC+ for refuse-derived fuel applications

The QC+ performs quality control to help with refuse-derived fuel production.

Pellenc ST QC+ quality control machine
Pellenc ST new QC+ quality control machine
Photo courtesy of Pellenc ST

Pellenc ST, Pertuis, France, has released the QC+, which it says is a quality control machine dedicated to the refuse-derived fuel (RDF) industry.

According to Pellenc, RDF serves as an efficient energy source to produce heat and electricity by extracting the high-calorific fraction and removing undesirable materials during combustion, and its use is in line with the current demand to reduce fossil fuels in the energy mix. RDF also provides operators with a good alternative to sending materials to landfill.

Pellenc says it designed the QC+ based on its Compact+ machine—it can easily fit into tight spaces. The QC+ comes in a gantry or conveyor version and is available in different widths. The QC+ can be assembled in a modular way on a straight or inclined plane, and its cabinet can be offset according to site constraints.

The QC+ also comes with the “Central Nervous System” (CNS) software platform. Operators can upgrade equipment by integrating future technologies and sensors developed by Pellenc ST.

To produce high-quality RDF, operators need to analyze the composition of their stream. The QC+ has a set of indicators dedicated to monitoring the RDF. Chlorine, polyvinyl chloride, moisture content and lower heating value help tailor the stream to the end user’s needs. According to Pellenc, a new indicator, the biogenic carbon rate, also has been added to that list. The biogenic carbon rate gives the proportion of low-carbon emissions fuel (mainly fibrous material). It is available to help determine the share of green energy in RDF production.

Pellenc says all of these indicators are available through the Smart&Share application on QC+. Operators can manage their RDF streams through customized reports and intelligent alerts.

According to Pellenc, its quality control solutions can help support operators secure their RDF stream in terms of composition. Pellenc says the first QC+ will soon be installed at a Polish operator for use in a cement plant.

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