Copper Recovery launches Phoenix Direct

Miniplant can process up to 3,000 pounds per hour of mixed cables.

Phoenix Direct offers a small footprint and can process up to 3,000 pounds of mixed cables hourly.

Copper Recovery, Huntington Beach, California, has introduced Phoenix Direct, a turnkey miniplant with the ability to process 1,200 to 3,000 pounds of mixed cables per hour. The unit can process approximately 180,000 pounds per month operating for a single shift five days per week, the company says. This production estimate includes maintenance downtime for blade changing and periodic lubrication.

Copper Recovery says this new configuration adds an electronically controlled preshredder and a built-in magnetic separator to it hand-fed Phoenix base model.

The Phoenix Direct has a power rating of 160 amps, requiring only two three-phase 480V 125A prefused circuits. A Copper Recovery representative provides on-site installation supervision and a comprehensive training program based on the company’s 17 years of wire chopping experience. Although compact in size, the cutting mill has an inner width of 20 inches, which facilitates easy conveyor feeding, according to the company. An included final conveyor with magnetic drum head ensures a ferrous-free final product.

Phoenix Direct bridges the gap between Phoenix and Phoenix XD, which features a larger shredder and variable speed dosing silo. Phoenix Direct is more affordable and will allow smaller volume insulated copper wire (ICW) traders to operate an automated wire chopping line with an integrated preshredder, reducing labor costs.

Processors will generate pure copper chops that can be sold directly to domestic and foreign smelters and insulate themselves from the risks associated with foreign markets changing regulations on a whim, Copper Recovery says.

Phoenix Direct requires 450 square feet of space and 11 feet of overhead clearance.

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