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China issues additional scrap import quotas

Seventh batch of quotas allows for 10,423 metric tons of copper scrap and 55,810 metric tons of recovered fiber to enter the country.

May 19, 2020

The Bureau of International Recycling (BIR), Brussels, has notified its members that China’s Solid Waste & Chemicals Management Center of the Ministry of Ecology and Environment published the seventh batch of scrap import quotas of 2020 May 18. The list, which is in Chinese, can be translated using a web browser.

According to the list, 10,423 metric tons of copper scrap, 1,480 metric tons of aluminum scrap, 310 metric tons of steel scrap and 55,810 metric tons of paper scrap have been permitted to enter China.

Fourteen companies received permits to import copper scrap into the country, with volumes ranging from 90 metric tons for Taizhou Yize Metal Products Co. Ltd. and Fortune Environmental Protection (Qingyuan) Co. Ltd. to 4,700 metric tons for Dongying Fangyuan Nonferrous Metal Co. Ltd.

Four companies were issued aluminum scrap imports, while one company, Taizhou Yize Metal Products Co. Ltd., received a ferrous scrap import permit.

Eight companies received paper import permits, which ranged from 360 metric tons for Guangdong Tongli Custom Manufacturing Co. Ltd. to 28,600 tons for Shandong Century Sunshine Paper Group Co. Ltd.

Total permitted scrap imports for 2020 as of May 18 equal 540,184 metric tons of copper, 478,159 metric tons of aluminum, 11,540 metric tons of steel scrap and approximately 4.57 million metric tons of recovered fiber.