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DestructData introduces Validator rental program

According to Haverhill, Massachusetts-based DestructData, the December 2014 revision of the SP 800-88 document from the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) makes verifying independent storage erasure processes imperative. The NIST-guidelines state that media sanitization must be verified using a third-party tool independent of the hardware and software used to perform the erasure. In response, DestructData says it developed the hand-held Validator tool to help its customers take the complexity and risk out of this process.

However, recognizing that many organizations have lower volume or cyclical sanitization requirements, DestructData has introduced a rental program that expands access to the Validator. The new program allows clients to rent the Validator by the week at a flat rate that allows unlimited use with no “per-drive” fees. The rental program pricing includes a hardened travel case and shipping both ways. The company adds that the entire rental fee may be applied toward the purchase of a Validator.

According to DestructData President Michael Lawlor, the company regards the erasure verification tool rental plan as a type of risk management. “The price of a one-week rental is less than the cost of sending a single drive to an outside recovery service for validation,” Lawlor says. “We hope this will open up the door for a wider range of customers who have been looking for this type of solution.”

DestructData develops and builds custom engineered hardware and software appliances and also offers a full line of degaussing and data destruction products.


Vecoplan appoints director of customer relations

Vecoplan LLC, Archdale, North Carolina, has appointed Matt Osborne as director of customer relations.

In his new position, Vecoplan says Osborne is charged with re-engaging older customers in dialogue to determine, develop and implement best practices for all interactions between Vecoplan staff and the people they serve.

His initial focus will be the expansion of Vecoplan’s factory-certified parts program through the evolution of the company’s “constant improvements in service initiative.” The plan depends on the quality of information communicated, product accuracy, cost competitiveness and timely delivery, the company says. Acting as a liaison, Osborne will facilitate communication and cooperation among Vecoplan customers and Vecoplan’s parts and service team.

The company says Osborne initiated the Vecoplan Roadshow in his former role as a regional sales manager in Vecoplan’s mobile division. During this time he demonstrated a talent for listening to users of Vecoplan machinery, gleaning insights and implementing programs to increase customer satisfaction, the equipment supplier says.


Unitrends releases its multitenant public cloud offering worldwide

Burlington, Massachusetts-based Unitrends has announced that Unitrends Cloud, which it describes as “its highly secure, highly available, multitenant public cloud offering,” is now available to customers worldwide. In response to growing demand for a local cloud data protection and disaster recovery service, Unitrends says it has added new data centers in Australia, Canada, Germany and the U.K. to better serve customers in Asia-Pacific, Europe and North America.

Organizations across the U.S. have paired Unitrends’ hybrid cloud offering with the company’s Recovery-Series family of physical purpose-built backup appliances and its Unitrends Enterprise Backup™ software for storage, long-term retention, disaster recovery and business continuity, according to the company. Now, with the worldwide expansion of Unitrends Cloud, customers across the globe have access to all of the same features and functionality.

“Environments are getting more complex, data growth continues to skyrocket and traditional restore technologies are struggling to keep pace,” says Kevin Weiss, Unitrends president and CEO.

“Unitrends’ hybrid cloud provides organizations with a fully integrated disaster recovery and business continuity solution that makes it radically simple for them to meet evolving data protection requirements,” he continues. “Our U.S. customers have found this highly reliable, integrated approach far superior to the cloud connectors they use with other vendors. This is evidenced by the 300 percent year-over-year growth of our cloud business in the first half of 2015. As we continue to rapidly expand our international footprint, we want to ensure our global customers have easy access to the same trusted cloud services.

“Unitrends Cloud offers our customers unprecedented storage, long-term retention, disaster recovery and recovery assurance capabilities,” Weiss adds.


O’Neil Software sponsors NAID’s Shred School

O’Neil Software, Irvine, California, has become a sponsor of Shred School. The Shred School workshops are a member education service of the National Association for Information Destruction (NAID), Phoenix, and are designed to provide affordable training to secure destruction industry professionals and NAID active members, NAID says.

O’Neil says its RS-SQL® software is used by record centers around the world to manage secure document destruction services.

Each Shred School workshop is two days and introduces attendees to the secure destruction industry, data protection legislation and NAID programs.


Product spotlight

Franklin Miller Taskmaster TM3042

Franklin Miller, Livingston, New Jersey, has introduced the Taskmaster® TM3042 shredder, which is designed for the heaviest shredding applications, according to the company. Features include:

  • a twin-shaft shredder suitable for a variety of shredding applications that require high power, a large throat opening and extra heavy-duty construction, the company says;
  • reduces a wide range of bulk solids, including pallets, steel drums, electronic components, solid propellants, hard drives, plastic, hazardous waste, wood, documents en masse, tires and more, up to 80 percent;
  • a planetary gear drive and a 75-horsepower motor deliver high torque at low speed; and
  • typically supplied with a stand, hopper and auto-reversing control system.

More information is available at

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