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One to Watch: Marck Industries


At a Glance

Company: Marck Industries

Owner: Kent Longley

Headquarters: Cassville, Mo.

Locations: Five recovery centers located in Arkansas, Missouri, Kansas and New York; and one garbage collection firm in Jonesboro, Ark.

Year Established: 1997

No. of Employees: 140


Services Provided: Fully integrated, full-service recycling company serving clients ranging from small, family-owned grocery stores to Fortune 500 companies, including industrial operations, community recycling centers, private sector recyclers and municipal trash haulers. The company operates five material recovery facilities (MRFs), two of which can handle commingled recyclables, and processes post-consumer and post-industrial materials of all varieties. End products are sold to domestic and overseas consumers.

Marck Industries, headquartered in Cassville, Mo., was founded in 1997 by Kent Longley, a long-time recycling professional who wanted to create a service-oriented, comprehensive recycling company. In pursuit of that goal, Marck Industries expanded its operations throughout the years and now runs material recovery facilities (MRFs) across the Midwest and in New York state. The company attributes its growth to fair pricing and quality end products.

Sales Manager Mike Wilson says Marck helps its customers find markets for the materials in their waste streams, which in many cases can be challenging to recycle.

He explains that many times markets can be developed for hard-to-recycle materials, such as copolymers and rubber. Other times the materials are standard recyclables that contain contaminants, making them difficult to recycle.

“We specialize in ‘cleaning up’ these types of materials so that they can be captured and recycled rather than going to a landfill,” Wilson says. As such, the company has worked to carve out a unique market presence in the recycling industry, which Wilson told us more about.

Q: What materials do you specialize in?

A: We do not specialize in any specific material but rather in designing programs that make it easy for our customers to recycle. Virtually every program we have in place is different. We develop each program to meet the needs of each customer. It has to be easy, or it will not work.

Q: What makes you different from your competitors?

A: Like most leading recycling service companies, Marck handles both post-consumer and post-industrial waste materials of all varieties. Unlike many of our competitors, however, we strive to recycle other materials deemed “beyond recyclable,” i.e., any waste that a customer generates on an ongoing basis. Part of our special industry niche lies in the development of feasible markets for these unique materials. Yet another factor setting Marck apart from many others is our service team’s extraordinary emphasis on educating clients on the entire recovery process.

Q: What is your business philosophy?

A: Ultimately our mission is to help our clients achieve zero-landfill status by offering them a single source outlet for their entire waste stream. Marck’s five-year goals include steady, carefully planned growth throughout the Midwestern and Southern regions, as well as Mexico, including the addition of at least 50 new employees servicing several new recovery centers.