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New and updated products for the recycling industry

Metso N Series products

Metso, Helsinki, has expanded its offering for the scrap metal recycling industry with the introduction of Metso N Series products. This expanded range of products:

  • is designed to be solidly engineered, robust, cost-efficient, production- and maintenance-friendly
  • consists of NIS inclined shears, NCS shear-baler-loggers, NLB lid balers and NTB triple-compression balers
  • can be complemented with customized service agreements
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Franklin Miller TM1600 heavy solids shredder

Livingston, New Jersey-based Franklin Miller has released the Taskmaster TM1600, a twin-shaft shredder designed to reduce a wide variety of tough solids, including containers, plastics, packaging, wood, paper, documents, electronic components, concession waste, rejects and returns, in-channel raw sewage and more. Additional features include:

  • a reduction in bulk volume of up to 80 percent
  • a low-speed, high-torque mechanism that operates with little noise or vibration
  • horizontal installation with a stand, hopper or flange adapter or vertical installation for a pipeline and liquid channel
  • a space-saving right-angle gear drive can be provided
  • can be supplied as a standalone unit or as part of a complete shredding and conveying system
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Postle Industries tubular hardfacing electrodes

Cleveland-based Postle Industries has announced its latest hardface welding development—tubular hardfacing electrodes designed for severe abrasion applications and those involving high heat or impact. Product features include:

  • a tubular design that allows for a greater volume of carbides for increased abrasion resistance
  • available in sizes 1/4-inch, 3/8-inch and 1/2-inch thicknesses
  • six different alloy grade options available
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Eriez Ultra High-Frequency eddy current separator

Eriez of Erie, Pennsylvania, has released its Ultra High-Frequency (UHF) eddy current separator. This product, according to Eriez, can recover aluminum, copper and other nonferrous fines from automobile shredder residue (ASR) without the need for additional sensor-based or optical sorting equipment. Additional features include:

  • a rotor that is designed to produce exceptionally high gauss at the belt’s surface
  • a 0.03- or 0.04-inch wide rotor
  • each unit ships with an Eriez Brute Force Vibratory Feeder to provide an even presentation of material across the rotor
  • designed to ensure trouble-free operation and long service life
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