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Features - Equipment Innovations Roundup

Equipment manufacturers work to address industry challenges.

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As material streams continue to evolve in the recycling industry, equipment suppliers have done their best in the last 12 months to address these changes by introducing integrated processing systems as well as equipment that is capable of processing multiple types of materials.

Manufacturers also have designed material-specific machines, introducing units that are designed to process only polyethylene terephthalate (PET) bottles, for example, ensuring a quality product is produced.

Maintaining data in-house that provides insight into system and machine functions has become as important to recycling facility managers as maximizing density or throughput while reducing operating costs.

Recycling Today has reviewed innovations that were introduced throughout the last year. What follows is a rundown of some of the recent equipment unveilings. The products include equipment that requires less energy to use, promises to increase metals recovery and facilitates maintenance tasks.

American Pulverizer preshredder

American Pulverizer Co., St. Louis, has introduced a dual-shaft, hydraulically powered preshredder that is well-suited to pulling apart bales of aluminum, plastic, cable and wire, solid waste and other materials. It features:

  • a 400-horsepower motor;
  • more than 200,000 foot-pounds of torque per shaft; and
  • variable-speed shaft options to deliver the appropriate torque requirements for the task.
Visit www.ampulverizer.com for more information.

BPS RecoverMax Fines Process

Best Process Solutions Inc. (BPS), Brunswick, Ohio, has introduced its RecoverMax Fines Process. According to BPS, the process:

  • can recover pieces of metal greater than 1 millimeter in size;
  • features the patent pending Recover- Max Separator, which separates metal from glass and rock at a purity of more than 98 percent; and
  • separates zorba into a 90-plus copper and precious metals fraction.
Visit www.bpsvibes.com for more information.

Eriez Ultra High-Frequency eddy current separator

Eriez of Erie, Pennsylvania, has released its Ultra High-Frequency (UHF) eddy current separator. This product, according to Eriez, can recover aluminum, copper and other nonferrous fines from automobile shredder residue (ASR) without the need for additional sensor-based or optical sorting equipment. Additional features include:

  • a rotor that is designed to produce high gauss at the belt’s surface; and
  • an Eriez Brute Force Vibratory Feeder to provide an even presentation of material across the rotor.
Visit www.eriez.com for more information.

Herbold Model SMS granulator

North Smithfield, Rhode Island-based Herbold USA, a subsidiary of Germany-based Herbold Meckesheim, has announced the availability of a new force-fed granulator for size reduction of polyethylene terephthalate (PET) bottles. The Model SMS 100/160-9-2 SB3 features:

  • a rotor that is 20 percent larger than current offerings;
  • throughput rates of as much as 7 tons per hour;
  • a patented screw-fed mechanism that uses three vertically mounted feeding screws; and
  • unique knife geometry provides a double cross-cutting action.
Visit www.herboldusa.com for more information.

Lefort track-mounted shear/baler/loggers

Belgium-based Lefort, with U.S. headquarters in West Palm Beach, Florida, has released what it says is the first track-mounted shear/baler/logger. The self-propelled machine:

  • offers immediate operability once it arrives in the yard;
  • requires no foundation;
  • operates via remote control, meaning only one operator is needed to control the machine and its complementary material handler; and
  • features a compact design, allowing it to be transported on a standard trailer.
Visit www.lefortamerica.com for more information.

Machinex two-ram baler series

The high-speed, two-ram baler series from Machinex, Plessisville, Quebec, has been designed to maximize density while reducing operating costs, according to the manufacturer. The baler series features:

  • a prefill device that increases ram cycle speed in forward and reverse modes;
  • bolt-on liners designed for ease of maintenance; and
  • single-plate frame construction designed to provide overall maximum structural stability.
Visit www.machinexrecycling.com for more information.

McNeilus Latitude Integration system

McNeilus Truck & Manufacturing Inc., Dodge Center, Minnesota, has released the Latitude Integration residential collection system. Meridian front loaders with Latitude Integration are designed to connect with any brand of front-loading residential container. Features include:

  • McNeilus CODE (Controls on Demand Environment) and an in-cab controls display to monitor functions; and
  • a simplified sensor system on the body, arms and forks, external to the hydraulic cylinders.
Visit www.mcneiluscompanies.com for more information.

Oxford Instruments Vulcan metals analyzer

Oxford Instruments, with a U.S. office in Concord, Massachusetts, has launched the Vulcan, which it claims is the fastest metals analyzer with the most advanced reporting tools on the market. The Vulcan:

  • is a balanced hand-held LIBS (laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy) analyzer with a simple user interface;
  • can identify a wide range of alloys in manufacturing plants within multiple industries and the scrap metal processing/recycling markets worldwide; and
  • takes one second to measure metal alloys—faster than any X-ray fluorescence analyzer or laser product on the market.
Visit https://vulcan.oxford-instruments.com for more information.

Steinert UniSort BlackEye

Cologne, Germany-based Steinert Group says the UniSort BlackEye optical sorting system has been designed to tackle the challenge of “the pure separation of black plastics.” The UniSort BlackEye:

  • has scan belts that move at up to 13 feet per second;
  • can scan about 35 million detection points or 5,000 objects per second;
  • is ideal for industrial applications for crushed plastic parts measuring between 0.4 to 1.2 inches; and
  • has a throughput rate of 1 ton of plastic flakes per hour.
Visit www.steinertglobal.com/us/de for more information.