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September 3, 2019

Stadler launches tool trailer to facilitate installations

Stadler America LLC, Colfax, North Carolina, has launched a tool trailer that it says will make installations of systems and retrofits at material recovery facilities (MRFs) more efficient. The trailer was designed to be a cost-effective way to transport tools and staff to on-site installations. According to Stadler America, it eliminates extra handling and costs associated with shipping containers or boxes for such projects.

The tool trailer is designed for a 10-man team and is equipped with all the tools and equipment needed to perform equipment installations and plant retrofits. It includes a changing area in the front of the trailer and a small office for the crew.

In addition to providing a fully stocked tool area, the key areas of focus in the design of the tool trailer were convenience and quick response. The tool trailer simplifies the loading and unloading process and access at the job site, Stadler America says.

Postle tubular wires and electrodes feature Reactive Core Technology

Hardface Technologies, Cleveland, has introduced Reactive Core Technology (RCT), a blend of “reactors” in the core of Postle tubular wires and tubular electrodes for hardfacing.

During the application of hardfacing, components in the core of the welding wire or electrode require energy to react and melt together to form the hardfacing alloy. RCT in Postle welding products ensures a controlled reaction among alloys and other elements.

RCT promotes the distribution of alloy ingredients to improve the microstructure of the finished hardface product. RCT also promotes carbide formation and refines grain structures to deliver optimum wear properties.

Single Stream Recyclers adds robotic sorter

Sarasota, Florida-based Single Stream Recyclers (SSR), a material recovery facility (MRF) that serves residential and commercial recycling programs, has added what it describes as Florida’s first artificial intelligence- (AI-) powered recycling robotic system. The system uses AI to identify, grab and sort aseptic and gable-top food and beverage cartons from the recycling stream.

“We are excited to be a leader in Florida—and the country—in adding this innovative technology to make sure we capture as many food and beverage cartons as possible to prevent them from ending up in landfills,’’ says John Hansen, co-owner of Single Stream Recyclers, which opened its Sarasota facility in March 2018.

Developed by Amp Robotics, Denver, the system uses advanced computer vision and machine learning to recognize different colors, textures, shapes, sizes and patterns to identify food and beverage cartons in the recycling stream. It directs a high-speed robot to pick, sort and place the cartons for recycling. The robot learns as it goes, improving over time and picking up to 80 items per minute.

This robot is the first of six to be installed at the nearly 100,000-square-foot MRF. A grant from the Carton Council of North America, Denton, Texas, made installation of the first robotic sorter possible.

“SSR is leading the way as a recycling innovator, with this being the single largest deployment of AI and robotics in the nation,” Matanya Horowitz, chief executive officer of Amp Robotics, says. “Robotics will continue to revolutionize recycling, and this represents another milestone of industry adoption. The support from SSR and the Carton Council puts us another step closer to making that possible.”