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New and updated products for the recycling industry

September 4, 2019

Sweed Turbo Mill

Sweed, Gold Hill, Oregon, says its new Turbo Mill offers a new solution for recovering copper from low-yield wire. The turbo mill:

  • separates copper wire from plastic surrounding it through its copper liberation process
  • allows processors to use a larger 3/16-inch or ΒΌ-inch screen, which more than doubles throughput and processes 4,000 to 5,000 pounds of material per hour
  • ranges from 40 horsepower to 150 horsepower
  • can integrate into any existing system

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Davis-Standard Activ-Check

Davis-Standard, Pawcatuck, Connecticut, introduces Activ-Check for continuous extruder monitoring. The system:

  • provides processors early notifications of potential machine failures
  • monitors extruder reducer, lubrication system, motor characteristics, the drive power unit, barrel heating and cooling
  • reduces unplanned downtime while also collecting valuable data
  • sends notifications via email or text and offers continuous monitoring of machine status on smart devices and remote PCs

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Weima WKS 1800 single-shaft shredder

Weima, Ilsfeld, Germany, says the WKS 1800 single-shaft shredder for plastic applications processes not only bulky objects but also tear-resistant fibers and film to a homogeneous size. The shredder:

  • is equipped with a sturdy hydraulic drive
  • features a rotor that can be stopped, started and reversed at any time
  • features a swing ram system that is guided on rolls
  • can be fed using a conveyor belt, forklift truck or by hand
  • has easy access to the shredding chamber for preventive maintenance and cleaning

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