Colorado composting firm gains backer

Colorado composting firm gains backer

Holding company CoPeace adds Denver-based Compost Colorado to its portfolio.

September 17, 2021

A Denver-based holding company with an environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) emphasis called CoPeace says it has entered into a partnership agreement with Compost Colorado (CoCo), also based in Denver.

CoPeace says the agreement has been designed “to provide impact and business expertise and investment” to CoCo, and CoPeace will add CoCo to its “strategic investment portfolio of holdings.” CoPeace also says its subsidiaries, CoPeace Finance (CoFi) and CoPeace Marketing (CoMa) will provide financial, marketing and operational support and services to CoCo.

“We’re excited to partner with Compost Colorado,” says CoPeace executive Ed Tepper. “They are offering a transformational business model and unique service offering that has direct, sustainable impact in the Colorado community. Our team looks forward to helping CoCo optimize operations, grow its market reach, and expand its environmental and social impact.”

Founded in 2018, Compost Colorado provides at-home compost pickup and then converts food waste, difficult to recycle paper products and discarded plant materials into soil products. CoCo uses a “bucket swap” model on its collection routes and offers its composted soil product via an online store.

“We’re very honored for the opportunity to learn and grow with CoPeace,” says Compost Colorado founder and CEO Vann Fussell. “CoCo grew over 300 percent in 2020. By working closely with CoPeace, we will develop internally and position ourselves to grow for the long-term future. We’re excited to work with a team just as tenacious and focused on fighting climate change.”

CoCo becomes the sixth company in the CoPeace portfolio, with another being Israel-based Advanced Sustainable Technologies (AST), which provides plasma gasification technology designed to process coal, sludge, incinerator ash, medical waste, fiberglass insulation, asbestos, ceramics, paints and other difficult to recycle materials.