AmSty joins Cyclyx International as member

As part of the Cyclyx consortium, AmSty will have access to the Cyclyx platform.

Cyclyx International LLC, a postuse plastic feedstock management company based in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, has announced that Americas Styrenics LLC (AmSty), a polystyrene producer based in The Woodlands, Texas, has joined Cyclyx as a founding member. As a result, Cyclyx has appointed Tim Barnette, AmSty’s vice president of polymers and sustainability, to the Cyclyx executive advisory board.

As a member of the Cyclyx consortium, AmSty will have access to the Cyclyx platform, which includes a set of innovations, including chemical characterization of plastics and predictive modeling of feed sources to product pathways, custom feedstock recipes and customized supply chains to deliver plastic scrap feedstocks appropriate for existing and new mechanical and advanced recycling pathways. As part of AmSty’s membership, Cyclyx says the Regenyx chemical recycling facility, a joint venture between AmSty and Agilyx, will contract with Cyclyx to source feedstock for plastic scrap conversion. According to Cyclyx, AmSty will also have access to the Cyclyx platform for other future potential advanced recycling facilities.

“We are excited to welcome AmSty as a founding member of Cyclyx and to have Tim Barnette serve on our advisory board,” says Joe Vaillancourt, chief executive officer at Cyclyx. “AmSty has been at the forefront and a leader of chemical recycling through Regenyx, proactively engaged in creating circular plastic pathways. AmSty’s decision to join Cyclyx helps reinforce the commitment of our members to drive recycled plastic recycling rates from 10 percent to 90 percent.”

“AmSty is pleased to join Cyclyx as part of our efforts to keep polystyrene products out of landfills through circular recycling, where discarded single-use items can go right back to the same applications over and over at the same purity and performance,” Barnette says. “We believe the development of feedstock supply chains for plastics recycling is a key step toward revolutionizing the way the world recycles plastics.”