Freepoint Eco-Systems announces advanced recycling facility in Ohio

The facility is expected to recycle 90,000 tons of plastic annually and open in 2023.

mixed plastics

Photo from Recycling Today archives

Freepoint Eco-Systems LLC, a supply chain management company headquartered in Stamford, Connecticut, has announced plans to build an advanced recycling facility in Ohio. The facility will convert scrap plastic into feedstock for use in the production of prime-quality plastic.

According to a news release from Freepoint, the Ohio facility will recycle about 90,000 tons per year of end-of-life plastics that would otherwise go to landfills or incineration. Commercial operations are expected to begin in 2023.

“Freepoint is excited to announce its second commercial-scale advanced recycling facility in the United States,” says Jeff McMahon, managing director of Freepoint. “The Ohio facility will have a significant positive impact on the environment by reducing the consumption of crude oil-derived feedstocks for prime resins, which will result in carbon left in the ground, a more circular and sustainable economy and a healthier planet Earth. Our goal is to continue to expand our advanced recycling footprint not only in the U.S. but in Europe and Asia, as demand for recycled content in plastic continues to grow.”

Freepoint says it is committed to being part of the solution to the growing environmental problem of plastic waste disposal by building, owning and operating advanced recycling facilities around the globe. In October, Freepoint announced it would construct its first advanced recycling facility in Texas as part of a strategic partnership with Plastic Energy Ltd. and TotalEnergies. That facility is targeted to commence commercial operations in 2024.

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