CieTrade updates mobile app for SOLAS/VGM compliance

CiePhoto app can now capture and upload equipment tare weights.

Stamford, Connecticut-based cieTrade Systems Inc., says it has updated the ciePhoto mobile app, which is used to capture container export photos, making it easier to comply with the new SOLAS/VGM (Safety of Life at Seas/Verified Gross Mass) requirements that go into effect Friday, July 1, 2016.

The ciePhoto update is available for download on iTunes. Users must be operating on cieTrade Version 10.9 or higher to use the latest version of ciePhoto. Users with questions or who want to upgrade can contact the company’s support team via

“Our ciePhoto app has been an indispensable tool for many recyclers by greatly reducing the amount of work involved with capturing export container photos,” says David Haber, president of cieTrade. “Our latest update to also record container tare weights, which is required to calculate a VGM, adds even greater value by eliminating double-entry and avoiding a potential loss of productivity with the new SOLAS/VGM requirements.”

Container equipment tare weights captured through the updated app are automatically matched to pending shipments in the cieTrade software, eliminating the need for scale operators to manually rekey them, the company says. The equipment tare weight is used with the net cargo weight to calculate the VGM, which is then sent to the customer.

More information about the company’s recent software changes, in compliance with the SOLAS/VGM requirements, is available at

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