China is expected to delay scrap metal reclassification

Reclassification thought to be postponed until March 2020 because of the complexity involved.

aluminum furnace in China

China’s plans to reclassify high-quality scrap metal, including aluminum and copper, as raw material before the end of this year is expected to be postponed until March 2020, according to a report from Argus Media. The complex nature of the proposed rules have delayed the rollout, the news outlet says.

“Until the reclassification policy is implemented, Chinese buyers' import volumes will continue to be restricted by the quarterly import quota issued by the environmental authority,” according to the report.

Under the new policy, scrap metals likely will have to be packaged according to size and should appear uniform. Argus media reports that packages also should be labeled with the description, size, weight, metal content and recovery rate, among other identifiers.

Starting July 1, 2020, before they can import scrap metal, all buyers in China will need to obtain licenses that the country issues according to approved quarterly quotas.

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