Bunting ships stainless separation conveyor

Company says its “Green Monster” unit will harvest shredded stainless scrap.

bunting stainless magnet
The custom-made 38-foot conveyor was requested by the customer instead of a series of 12-foot units.
Photo courtesy of Bunting

Kansas-based Bunting says it has shipped a sizable, custom-fabricated stainless steel separation conveyor (SSSC) to a recycling operation in North Carolina that processes mixed shredded material. The unit shipped from Bunting’s facility in Newton, Kansas, in the last week of October.

“An automotive recycler in North Carolina is the proud new owner of an exceptionally large SSSC conveyor [that] is 2 feet wide and 38 feet long,” states Bunting. The equipment supplier says the recycler will “now freely pull mid-sized stainless steel pieces out of shredded automotive shredder residue (ASR).”

The customer ordered the 38-foot-long SSSC because it believed a single, longer SSSC was better than going with a series of standard 12-foot SSSC conveyors that, in the customer’s case, also would have required an additional inline transfer to feed them, according to Bunting.

The equipment company adds, “For fun perspective on the size of this conveyor, we [turn] to baseball. The Green Monster wall in left field of [Boston’s] Fenway Park is 37 feet tall. The green SSSC is 38 feet long. How do you like them apples, Boston?”

Bunting has been designing, making and selling magnetic technology and equipment since 1959. It is based in Newton, with additional manufacturing facilities in Illinois, Pennsylvania and the United Kingdom.

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