2019 largest nonferrous scrap processors list

The March 2019 issue of Recycling Today will list the 20 Largest Nonferrous Scrap Processors in North America. The editors of Recycling Today have identified your company as one that may belong on this list.

So that we may put together the most accurate list possible for our readers, we are asking you to provide the information requested below, filling out this form by Thursday, Jan. 15. 

The key figure we are asking for is the annual amount of all nonferrous metal scrap, including shredder byproduct, physically handled at your company’s facilities in 2018. Do not include stainless steel, specialty alloys or ferroalloys. The total would include scrap taken in at all facilities, whether it is processed further or shipped loose. This would not include scrap brokered by traders, exporters or brokers employed by your company that is never physically present at a company facility.

Should you have any questions about our list and what we hope to accomplish, please do not hesitate to call me at (216) 393-0284 or to e-mail me at dtoto@gie.net. The 2017 20 Largest Nonferrous Scrap Processors List can be accessed here

Thank you in advance for your assistance and participation.

Respectfully Yours,

DeAnne Toto, Editor
Recycling Today