Wendt Corp. Showroom
Wendt's new showroom in Buffalo, New York, will showcase the company’s latest technology and equipment available.
Wendt Corp.

Wendt opens showroom in Buffalo, New York

The showroom will highlight new equipment and technology as well as access to the equipment maker’s service technicians.

October 14, 2020

Wendt Corp. has opened a new showroom at its headquarters in Buffalo, New York. The company says its new showroom expands on its Technology Center.

The showroom will act as a key resource for customers to do material sampling, prove a business case and gain hands-on training from Wendt’s service technicians, Wendt states in a news release on its showroom. The company says the showroom also will showcase the company’s latest technology and equipment.

With the showroom operational, Wendt customers can send Gaylord box samples that are representative of their own material. Wendt can test and analyze materials, and customers will be provided a full report of data-driven recommendations for an equipment solution.

“This showroom will act as a valuable resource to our customers as we continuously circulate in the latest technology,” says Tom Wendt, president of Wendt Corp. “Customers can utilize the showroom by sampling their own material and receiving thoughtful recommendations based off the analysis of that material. We are taking great strides in limiting our customers’ risk and providing solutions that are appropriate to each individual customer.”

Currently, Wendt Corp. says its showroom has a ferrous dirt separator, an eddy current separator, a Wendt/Tomra Finder 4 and the Tomra X-Tract X6 Fines. According to Wendt Corp., the Tomra X6 is an X-ray-based solution that can separate magnesium from aluminum in products such as zorba and twitch. That system uses existing Tomra XRT technology in a new configuration. That equipment can sort material of different density levels and separate magnesium from aluminum to create furnace-ready products across the zorba size spectrum from 1/4 inch to 5 inches.

The company says its showroom will be expanding with additional equipment in the months to come. “There is a lot to look forward to as more equipment gets added to our showroom floor later this winter and in early spring,” Wendt Corp. adds.

Customers can email sales@wendtcorp.com to book an appointment to view the company’s new showroom.