Wendt Corp. supplies shredder, nonferrous separation system to Newco

Wendt Corp. supplies shredder, nonferrous separation system to Newco

Newco Metal & Auto Recycling says auto shredder offers new market opportunities for scrap metal processing.


St. John’s, Newfoundland-based Newco Metal & Auto Recycling has commissioned an M6090 modular automobile shredder plant and nonferrous separation system from Buffalo, New York-based Wendt Corp.

The installation represents Newco’s first automobile shredder and offers new market opportunities and economic advantages for processing the company’s scrap metal, according to a news release.

Newco was originally founded in 1992 and acquired in 2010 by current owner, Bob Anstey. In the past nine years, Anstey has worked to help grow and expand the company by “modernizing it” with new equipment and technology. Newco has 12 stores throughout Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada, and serves more than 100 municipalities by providing ferrous and nonferrous metals cleanup services of landfills and industrial sites.

Located on Newfoundland island, Newco “faced transportation obstacles and high freight charges of their product,” which initially sparked the company’s interest in purchasing a shredder.

“I could see the trouble that we were getting into with not having enough transportation to move the product to a market and the inefficient way we were doing it by putting it on trucks and shipping it off,” Anstey remarks. “We couldn’t keep going that way because all of our profits were getting eaten up by transportation. If we didn’t change the way we did business, we wouldn’t survive.”

After purchasing a shredder from another manufacturer, Newco initially came to Wendt for a downstream to pair with it. 

“The shredder that I previously purchased, we were getting terrible service from, and we decided not to go ahead with it,” Anstey states. “We decided to buy the full shredding system and full downstream from Wendt because they were giving us great service and answering the questions that I needed answered. Wendt was prepared and willing to spend the time with me to select a shredder and a downstream that best suited my needs.”

Newco’s Wendt M6090 automobile shredder features a Bowe Disc Rotor and 2,500-horsepower DC motor. The shredding plant also includes an infeed conveyor, dual magstand with electromagnetic drums, ballistic separator and modular design features, including a prefabricated motor enclosure and platform, remote prewired e-house, control pulpit and structural steel frame that allows the shredder to be installed on a flat concrete pad. Their equipment purchase also includes a nonferrous recovery system containing two eddy current separators to recover aluminum and three Tomra Finders to recover insulated copper wire and stainless steel.

With the installation of the Wendt shredder, Newco now can easily ship their finished products off the island, the release says.

“The metal shredding plant is very important to my business. If I didn’t have the metal shredding plant set up now, we would have very little transportation leaving the island to take my material to other markets to sell,” Anstey states. “We would have been in dire straits because there was no way to efficiently process the material and ship it and get enough money out of it to break even. With the shredder, now we can do it at home in our backyard with our own local employees and export ourselves.”

Newco Project Engineer Nick Henderson adds, “The building of a facility of this nature has its challenges, but Wendt has proven that they can support us throughout the entire process. Wendt studied our feedstock and was able to develop a nonferrous and ferrous processing plant to maximize recovery of our material.”

Newco’s automobile shredder plant and nonferrous system was installed and commissioned on the company’s greenfield site in St. John’s April 2019.