Upstate-Weitsman to install shredder in Albany, New York

Upstate-Weitsman to install shredder in Albany, New York

Installation marks the third shredder for Upstate Shredding-Weitsman Recycling.


The Ben Weitsman of Albany division of Owego, New York-based Upstate Shredding-Weitsman Recycling, says it has started work on a multimillion-dollar project to add a 3,000-horsepower Riverside Engineering shredder at its Port of Albany facility in New York.

The new shredder, which will add 20 additional positions at the Albany facility, has a 70-inch mill and is capable of shredding 80 tons of scrap material per hour. Once complete, shredded metal produced at Albany will be sold and shipped direct from the Port of Albany via truck, barge, deep sea vessel and rail, says the company.

All auto shredder residue (ASR) material generated in Albany will be sent to the company’s main facility in Owego so additional nonferrous metals can be extracted through the eddy currents, microfines plant, wire chopping plant and newly commissioned dry media plant at that site Upstate Shredding-Weitsman Recycling refers to the dry media plant as “a state-of-the-art processing technology that further processes zorba, a shredded mix of nonferrous metals consisting primarily of aluminum generated by eddy-current separator or other segregation techniques, to separate out the aluminum from the heavies (copper, brass, zinc, and stainless).”

“This is a plan we have had in the works for some time and I am happy to announce that work on the shredder is underway and, once complete, will add more jobs and revenue to the local economy,” says Adam Weitsman, CEO of Upstate Shredding-Weitsman Recycling.

He continues, “In addition, this will be the third shredder for the company, and [it] is perfectly positioned within our geographic footprint to complement our shredding operations in Owego, New York, and New Castle, Pennsylvania. In 2019, our goal is to process 1 million tons of shredded scrap alone between the three shredders, and given current scrap volumes at our feeder yards we feel this goal will be easily attainable.”

Ben Weitsman of Albany, which was a newly constructed facility that opened in August 2013, has become one of the highest volume yards in its network, according to the company.

The company’s Binghamton, Jamestown and Owego facilities recently have been renovated, and the Albany retail scrap yard and New Castle retail scrap yard and shredder were recently built as new operations from the ground up, according to Upstate Shredding-Weitsman Recycling. Additionally, the firm’s Syracuse yard is undergoing a $5 million renovation and the company recently began operating its new dry media plant in Owego. The micro fines plant, which extracts precious metals from shredder residue, also is scheduled to be fully operational in Owego in August.

Upstate Shredding-Weitsman Recycling describes itself as the East Coast’s largest privately held scrap metal processor, operating 17 locations in New York and Pennsylvania.