Trex retail recycling program items accepted
Image courtesy of Trex

Trex launches retail recycling incentive program

NexTrex rewards partners for promoting and collecting postconsumer plastic film.

March 15, 2021

To recognize NexTrex retail recycling program partners’ commitment to sustainability and encourage others to get involved, Trex Co. has launched a supplier incentive program that will reward retailers for promoting and collecting postconsumer plastic film for recycling. The Winchester, Virginia-based company says it has recycled 1 billion pounds of postconsumer plastic through NexTrex.

The NexTrex Supplier Incentive Program allows participating retailers and other partners to earn points for their contributions to the Trex recycling program, which can be redeemed for high-performance Trex products. Partners can earn points for achieving a variety of actions and milestones, including years of participation, annual program growth, in-store program promotion, proactive community engagement and more, the decking and railing manufacturer says.

“By recognizing and rewarding best practices, the NexTrex Supplier Incentive Program will not only support our dedicated partners’ sustainability goals but will also encourage them to engage their teams and surrounding communities in the program,” says Dave Heglas, senior director of Supply Chain Excellence for Trex. “The actions are easy to achieve and the rewards add up quickly. Ultimately, our goal is to make it fun and to thank our partners for the vital role they play in the recycling process.”

Trex reclaims more than 450 million pounds of polyethylene film annually in manufacturing its decking, which contains 95 percent recycled material. Grocery stores and other retailers are among the company’s suppliers.

Approximately 32,000 stores nationwide participate in the NexTrex retail recycling program. After collection at these retail sites, the material is sent to local distribution centers, where it is sorted and shipped to Trex’s manufacturing facilities in Virginia and Nevada.

“The contributions of our eco-minded supply chain partners are not only integral to our manufacturing process but also critical to addressing our country’s growing plastic waste problem,” Heglas says. “With the help of our partners, Trex is able to divert hundreds of thousands of tons of discarded plastic film from ending up in oceans and landfills each year by repurposing it into beautiful, sustainable Trex decking.”

Through NexTrex, Trex provides recycling bins, instructional videos, promotional materials and a list of qualifying recyclables, which include:

  • grocery and retail bags;
  • plastic mailer bags;
  • bread bags;
  • case overwraps;
  • dry cleaning bags;
  • newspaper sleeves;
  • ice bags;
  • Ziploc and other recloseable bags;
  • produce bags;
  • bubble wrap;
  • salt bags;
  • cereal box liners; and
  • wood pellet bags.