Tata Steel prepares to open steel recycling plant in northern India
Tata Steel plans to secure ferrous scrap from various market segments, including end-of-life vehicles, obsolete scrap and C&D scrap.

Tata Steel prepares to open steel recycling plant in northern India

The company says it has secured its first batch of ferrous scrap to process at the plant.


Tata Steel, Mumbai, has set up its Steel Recycling Business, a state-of-the-art scrap processing plant, in Rohtak, which is in Haryana in northern India. The plant is expected to have an annual capacity of about 500,000 tons per year. According to a news release from Tata Steel, the new plant is scheduled to be commissioned soon. 

The company set up the plant in collaboration with India-based Aarti Green Tech Ltd., a subsidiary of Aarti Steels Ltd. The site is equipped with state-of-the-art scrap processing equipment such as a shredder, baler and material handlers. The scrap will be procured from various market segments, such as end-of-life vehicle scrap, obsolete household scrap, construction and demolition scrap as well as industrial scrap. The scrap will be processed through mechanized equipment, and the high-quality processed scrap will be supplied to electric arc furnaces (EAFs), induction furnaces and foundries for downstream steelmaking. 

Tata Steel reports that it has finished sourcing its first batch of ferrous scrap for processing at the steel recycling plant in Haryana.

India’s National Steel Policy aims to achieve 300 million metric tons per year of steel production in India by 2030. Tata Steel reports that it believes steel recycling will play a major role in attaining to the country’s steel production goals. 

“Steel Recycling through the electric arc furnace (EAF) route is a global trend and going forward it would become imperative for India’s sustainable growth aspirations,” says Yogesh Bedi, chief of the Steel Recycling Business with Tata Steel. “Tata Steel has been pioneering various aspects of the steel industry since its inception in 1907. Steel Recycling Business is yet another pioneering initiative from Tata Steel to enable circular economy and a sustainable tomorrow.”