Sustana Group announces sustainability goals

The company is making commitments to create a closed-loop fiber future.

February 21, 2019

De Pere, Wisconsin-based Sustana Group, a sustainable, recycled fibers and paper products business, launched its 2019 sustainability strategy. According to the company’s news release, the new strategy will enable the company to address today’s global environmental and social challenges. Sustana Group’s strategy focuses on three key pillars—Environmental Stewardship (Planet), Thriving Workplace and Communities (People), and Circular Value Chain and Products (Products)—which will help the company achieve its vision of creating a sustainable, closed-loop fiber future.

Sustana Group conducted a formal analysis of its priority sustainability focus areas, incorporating key objectives from the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals as well as input from various internal and external stakeholders. According to the company news release, Sustana’s new goals include:

• achieve zero waste to landfill in all pulp and paper operations by 2030;

• increase recovery of new sources of waste fibers by 20 percent by 2030;

• increase use of recycled fibers across all products by 20 percent by 2030;

• increase partnerships with external organizations to divert paper waste from landfills by 2030;

• foster thriving local communities in areas of operation by donating 1 percent of profits to support education, youth programs and environmental conservation initiatives by 2020;

• raise awareness of recycling through community outreach programs by 2025; and,

• involve 100 percent of employees in Sustana Group’s vision of diversity and inclusion by 2025.

“Sustainability has always been the core focus of our company,” says Fabian de Armas, Sustana Group chairman and CEO. “As an enduring supply chain partner for environmentally conscious companies, our new sustainability strategy is an important next step that will guide us as we continue to create value through sustainability and innovate solutions for our rapidly changing world.

“Now more than ever, it’s up to companies like Sustana Group to lead the charge in environmental stewardship, and our key focus is closing the loop. Through collaboration, transparency, strategic decision-making and measurement—and in line with our commitment to sustainability—we are determined to meet the challenges ahead and are confident we will make a difference in creating a closed-loop fiber future.”

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