Strautmann promotes vertical baler line

Strautmann promotes vertical baler line

Company indicates its PP 1208 balers offer “economic and ecological profit.”

February 21, 2018
Edited by Brian Taylor

German equipment manufacturer Strautmann Umwelttechnik GmbH is marketing its PP 1208 and PP 1208 Plus70 vertical balers models as ideal for the handling of recyclable materials including cardboard, plastic film and foam and resins including polyethylene terephthalate (PET).

The vertical balers can offer a pressing force of from three to 70 metric tons, meaning “the volume of recyclables is reduced to a minimum,” according to Strautmann.

The balers have been at work for more than 20 years in the food retailing, industrial, wholesale and warehouse sectors, Strautmann indicates, and they “optimize the waste management logistics of many companies on a daily basis.”

The small footprint of the PP 1208 and PP 1208 Plus70 means they “can be used almost anywhere,” according to the company. “Placement directly at the location of the material saves time and creates time for the core business,” Strautmann states in a news release, adding, “Employees do not have to go outside in wind and weather to empty the recyclables into a [compactor].”

Other PP 1208 and PP 1208 Plus70 features touted by Strautmann include:

  • the QuickDoor swing/sliding door, through which material that is outside the chamber can be “simply pushed” into the baling chamber;
  • integrated plates or clamps inside the press chamber called CircleSystem, designed to reduce the re-expansion of the compressed material;
  • a hydraulic door lock called HydroClose, designed to prevent unexpected openings of the baler door.