sensoneo factory bin
Sensoneo says an alliance with Sigfox has yielded an indoor factory bin monitoring system.
Photo provided by Sensoneo.

Sensoneo and Sigfox partner on indoor bin technology

Europe-based firms say new technology enables just-in-time waste and scrap collection inside factories and warehouses.

November 4, 2020

Slovakia-based Sensoneo says it has partnered with the Sigfox Germany subsidiary of France-based Sigfox to introduce what the firms call an end-to-end solution for monitoring indoor waste and recycling bins to optimize collection.

The system includes Sigfox 0G-based sensor button technology designed to identify full bins and Sensoneo’s smart waste management system designed to collect all the data and calculate optimal routes. A manufacturing or waste management operator has “full remote-control of the waste collection operation,” say the firms.

Sensoneo says a collection app for drivers navigates according to the factory floor plan and records feedback.

“The scope of our comprehensive smart waste management has expanded enormously since we developed the solution in 2014,” says Martin Basila, founder and CEO of Sensoneo. “Thanks to in-house development, we are flexible enough to meet specific requirements of different verticals – Smart Waste Management for Factories and its powerful route planning engine is one of the examples.”

The system designed for manufacturing applications accommodates both on-demand and scheduled requests, according to Sensoneo. It also accommodates variables such as vehicle capacity, bin capacity, trash or material type, bin type and work schedule, says the firm.

The system includes Sigfox 0G-based sensor buttons; the platform for operators, including the collection app for drivers; an automated route planning tool; and an analytics dashboard.

“We are ready to deploy a project within a short time window,” says Elena Sztochay, director of solution sales at Sigfox Germany. “According to our experience, upon careful coordination, the deployment is as fast as seven working days. A detailed database is created with all containers including waste types, capacities, bin location and the most accessible spot for collection. The platform then consolidates all data on bins, on customer’s infrastructure and accommodates all the rules for route planning.”

Sensoneo quotes a person it describes as a logistics analyst for a United States-based manufacturer in the automotive sector as saying, “Our new Factory Waste Management solution brings order and efficiency to our internal waste management. In addition to optimized collection routes, we receive valuable data that we need for strategic decisions regarding our waste management policy.”