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Metal Management selects SENNEBOGEN for smooth running operations.

March 29, 2006

With the need to feed a hungry shear up to 28 tons of material an hour, management and staff alike at Metal Management knew they couldn’t go with just any material handling equipment.

"These two SENNEBOGEN machines are sturdy. Lifting that kind of weight all day, they have to be—and that’s exactly what I was looking for," says engineer David Kacedon of Metal Management, Newark, N.J.

Kacedon’s yard is one of three Metal Management operations in the Newark area. This location has been an iron and metal recycling site since 1907. Metal Management brought the business into its fold in 1998, where Kacedon oversees a shear and baling system fed by a pair of SENNEBOGEN 835 M rubber-tired material handlers. "The SENNEBOGEN machines are by far the hardest working machines on our 20-acre yard, and we know we can depend on them," says Kacedon.

Kacedon is pleased that the new units maneuver effortlessly through the paved yard and also move swiftly between the three facilities. "These SENNEBOGEN machines with their rubber tires save us quite a bit of time and money because they aren’t ripping up the pavement every time they move," he says. "And their speed is great."

Kacedon says his operators are equally impressed. "They like the reach the machines give them, the speed and the overall ergonomics of the cab," he adds. With comfortable operators, high visibility and quick duty cycles, the green machines get more work done in a day.

Kacedon’s first major encounter with SENNEBOGEN equipment came as the yard was receiving material in the aftermath of the World Trade Center tragedy. "I was familiar with the machines," recalls Kacedon. "Whatever it picked up, it could move it. It could pick up those steel beams and take them anywhere
they needed to go."

When the time came to upgrade the machinery in Newark, the SENNEBOGEN name was at the top of Kacedon’s list. The decision to purchase the 835 M machines was made, but it was the support system that accompanied the machines that sold the company.

Binder Machinery, the SENNEBOGEN distributor in the area, is now in its third generation of service to the New Jersey recycling business. According to Jack McKnight, the Binder representative for the New Jersey sites, "Binder Machinery made a major investment in parts inventory and staff training to give our SENNEBOGEN line the best possible support," he says, "And since we are located so close to these facilities, there’s no waiting when a service call comes in."

According to Kacedon, "It’s been a fantastic relationship for our companies," he adds. "Most definitely I see a long and healthy future with SENNEBOGEN."