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PSC Metals finds a perfect fit with SENNEBOGEN's 835 R-HD.

March 29, 2006

When PSC Metals Inc. of Canton, Ohio, upgrades its equipment, it does it right and in a big way, according to General Manager Mike Valentine.

PSC is a ferrous processing facility, with inbound feedstock comprised of rails, automobiles, sheet iron and various other scrap.

With the pressure of ever increasing production demands stretching existing cranes, mobile shears and the car shredder, it was time to plan for a major upgrade. At the heart, PSC’s new shredder would need to address all the shortcomings of the current situation. It would need to double the output and have all components located above grade, including the in-feed conveyor. As well, new cost-effective material handlers were required to feed the hungry 6,000-HP shredder, and PSC would need to upgrade the old mobile shear.

Lee Gibson, owner of Gibson Machinery LLC of Cleveland, had the opportunity to fill Valentine in on the SENNEBOGEN green line of material handlers. At that point, Valentine realized he had seen what he wanted for his yard—the SENNEBOGEN 835 R-HD.

After a demonstration of the SENNEBOGEN 835 M rubber tired machine, similar to the one they recently purchased with 61-feet of reach for their Cleveland operation, PSC Metals’ Valentine concluded, "The competitive equipment just didn’t measure up. The SENNEBOGEN people have really figured all this out. SENNEBOGEN has the best lift; reach; 360 degree "coffee cup" steady swing; reliability with no computers; simple direct pilot operated hydraulics; excellent serviceability from ground level; elevated cab with flying object protection; but, most importantly the ability to perform routinely day after day." PSC has subsequently put its SENNEBOGEN 835 R-HD with the Genesis 700R shear online, outperforming their expectations of daily production. Valentine states that his operators, "Can’t say enough good things about the SENNEBOGEN 835 R-HD," from the stability working through the full swing as a result of the hydraulic extendable tracks to the quick traveling speed to the heated seat getting them productive quickly on the cold winter mornings.

To feed the new car shredder line, PSC has ordered a SENNEBOGEN 835. Valentine says, "I saw this SENNEBOGEN 835 Special material handler working in a new shredder line on a trip to Germany. It was electric powered. It had a huge diameter pylon tube vertically extending between the undercarriage and the base. Ours will be very similar to that one. Our SENNEBOGEN 835 Special will take our operation to new heights."

He also has some solid advice when looking for a material handler, "Look at them all. Get a demo. From where we sit, when all the factors are considered, SENNEBOGEN is the best material handler for the job, period."