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March 29, 2006

We’re very proud of, and thankful for, the growth SENNEBOGEN has enjoyed in the North American marketplace. When we started this business in 2000, we were excited about the possibilities of creating a new business and serving new customers. That enthusiasm could not have prepared us for the success and warm reception we have received from the industry.

As we realize our success, we also accept the tremendous responsibility that comes with it. For that reason, we have continued to grow the resources and infrastructure dedicated to serving our customers. We have again expanded our Charlotte, N.C., headquarters to accommodate more staff and a larger spare parts inventory. In fact, in late 2005 we doubled our warehouse space. That continues to assure one-day delivery on virtually any part for any machine. We have spares ranging from the smallest fitting to complete engines, cabs and swing bearings. As we continue our growth, we’ll continue to commit the resources necessary to provide superior ongoing service.

We’re also all aware of the rising costs of doing business. One area that has outpaced most is the cost of energy. In response to our customers’ concerns about this, SENNEBOGEN has begun offering electrical machines. We realize that concept, in principle, is not new. However, we offer an electrical machine in a crawler configuration. That is very unique and can deliver substantial cost savings to your business while not limiting you to stationary operation. Of course, we offer a variety of pedestal mounted machines with electrical power. At the same time, I should also note that our traditional diesel machines burn less fuel than any other machine on the market. As a result, we’ll lower your energy costs no matter what configuration you select.

If you’re considering upgrading your material handling capabilities, I humbly request that you invite SENNEBOGEN in for an evaluation. Our commitment to your satisfaction through supplying superior value is complete. As you’ll see from the references on the following pages our customers are enjoying tremendous satisfaction. We hope to soon count you among them.


Erich Sennebogen, Jr.