Scandicore paper lids
Photo courtesy of Scandicore

Scandicore partners with Pulpac for paper tube lids

The companies say the lid can replace single-use plastic and significantly lessens CO2 emissions during production. 

February 18, 2022

Scandicore, a manufacturer of paper cores and a supplier of tubes for the consumer market that is based in Boras, Sweden, has partnered with Pulpac, a packaging manufacturer in Goteborg, Sweden, has launched what they say is the world’s first paper tube lid.  

According to a joint news release, the lids are made with PulPac’s dry molded fiber technology. Bridge volumes will be manufactured by PulPac, and the first art print deliveries with the new lid are estimated to reach consumers this spring.   

“Safeguarding the environment and the quality of our products, are our primary competitive advantages,” says Eva Engström, CEO at Scandicore. “The physical strength of the dry molded fiber products, in combination with resource efficiency, where valuable water resources and energy are saved, in addition to significant reductions of CO2, makes this a strategic investment for Scandicore."  

Dry molded fiber is PulPac's fiber-forming technology. The company says it can replace single-use plastic with sustainable fiber-based alternatives at a low cost. The patented technology is available to converters that set up their own production. To accelerate the shift, PulPac has developed the PulPac Modula standardized machine platform, now starting to roll out to licensees and available at the PulPac Tech Center for sample and bridge volume production.  

“We offer a ‘wheat to bread’ setup, delivering application development, toolmaking, and sample production to ease the transition to Dry Molded Fiber,” says Sanna Fager, chief commercial officer at PulPac. “In close collaboration with our clients, we develop competitive, and sustainable market-ready applications. The paper tube lid is a perfect fit for our technology, and we are happy to partner with Scandicore to bring this unique solution to the market.”