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SA Recycling expands its footprint in the Southeast

Company purchases Steel City Recycling, Birmingham, Alabama.

August 18, 2020

SA Recycling LLC, a joint venture between Adams Steel and Sims Metal Management headquartered in Orange, California, has acquired the business assets of Steel City Recycling LLC, Birmingham, Alabama, with the transaction having closed Friday, Aug. 14.

In addition to its location in Birmingham, Steel City operates a second location in West Point, Mississippi. SA says it has retained Steel City’s previous employees and operations will continue uninterrupted.

The purchase expands SA Recycling’s footprint by providing additional East Coast market share and will allow SA to further increase its Southeast shredding and metals operations and increase its scrap purchasing volumes in the area.

SA Recycling entered the Southeast scrap market when it purchased the 17 scrap metal processing facilities of Newell Recycling Southeast LLC in February 2016. The company now operates as SA Recycling LLC.

The following year in November, SA acquired the assets of Tennessee Valley Recycling LLC, headquartered in Decatur, Alabama, with seven locations in the Alabama/Tennessee region.

That move was followed by SA’s purchase of the assets of Georgia Recyclers in Savannah, Georgia, in 2018. In a separate deal in 2018, the company also assumed the operations of two Alter yards in Mobile, Alabama, and Hattiesburg, Mississippi. The purchase of Steel City Recycling complements those acquisitions.

Following the Steel City purchase, SA Recycling now operates more than 75 scrap metal processing facilities from coast to coast, including 14 automobile shredders and three port-loading operations in Los Angeles and Long Beach, California, and in Savannah.