Rubicon Global, State Farm Arena recycle 12 tons of waste during Super Bowl events

Rubicon Global, State Farm Arena recycle 12 tons of waste during Super Bowl events

Rubicon Global worked with arena to develop a sustainability plan, set up recycling containers and train employees.

February 15, 2019

Atlanta-based Rubicon Global, a company that provides waste, recycling and “smart city” solutions to businesses and governments, has announced it diverted nearly 12 tons of waste generated during Super Bowl events at State Farm Arena, Atlanta.

More than 50,000 press and guests passed through the arena for the Super Bowl Opening Night press conference, as well as the EA Sports Bowl, the 2019 Super Bowl Music Fest and other events.

Rubicon says teams at State Farm Arena planned, unpacked and built temporary booths and meeting spaces, creating an excess of metal, wood, paper and old corrugated containers (OCC) that "needed an end-destination.”

In partnering with State Farm Arena, Rubicon Global says its construction and demolition team worked with Waste Eliminator, a roll-off container service provider, to develop a sustainability plan and set up specified containers to implement a recycling stream solution during the tear-down process.

“As with all recycling--and the construction industry is no different--making the recycling process easier is critical for success,” says Marc Spiegel, Rubicon Global co-founder and head of the company’s construction and demolition division. “The impact that trash has on the environment and our communities is harmful today but will be magnified in the long-term if we don’t shift our mindsets away from landfills.”

In total, 15 truckloads of 30-yard open top containers resulted in more than 2 tons of metal, 6 tons of wood, 3 tons of paper and OCC diverted from landfill. Training, signage and education were provided for State Farm Arena’s temporary and full-time employees to ensure proper diversion techniques and eliminate cross-contamination, Rubicon says.

“State Farm Arena is always conscious of our waste streams being part of a sustainability model in every possible way,” says Geoff Stiles, vice president of facilities and building operations for State Farm Arena. “We’ve been excited by the creative thinking, strategic planning and smart sustainability solutions that Rubicon Global has proposed to us, and we thank them for their help on this latest project.”

In April, Rubicon Global also worked with the arena during a construction and demolition phase, with the removal of 12,500 seats from the arena as part of a refurbishment project. That project resulted in 64 tons of recyclables being identified.