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September 3, 2014

Alan Josephsen installs Bollegraaf baler

Paper recycling company Alan Josephsen Co. Inc., Mundelein, Illinois, has upgraded its recycling operations with the installation of a Bollegraaf HBC-100F baler.

Alan Josephsen, company owner, says the upgrade was necessary because the plant was suffering shutdowns related to its previous two-ram baler.

Josephsen says he decided to purchase a fully rebuilt HBC-100F baler after seeing a Bollegraaf HBC-120 operating in a nearby facility.

Van Dyk Recycling Solutions of Stamford, Connecticut, sold and installed the baler. The HBC-100F was refurbished at Van Dyk’s new equipment facility and showroom in Norwalk, Connecticut.

The HBC-100F was installed in June 2014 and produced 187 bales on its first shift, the company says.

“We were amazed with the fit and finish and the quality of construction, but the most amazing aspect was watching bale after bale come out of the business end of the baler,” says Josephsen. “To say we are pleased is an understatement,” he adds.

The baler processes all the material from Josephsen’s plant, including shredded paper. It is able to bale 18 tons per hour of old corrugated containers (OCC) and 35 tons per hour of mixed fiber and high grades.

Alan Josephsen Co. says it has seen its baling cycle time reduced significantly and the downtime caused by its previous two-ram baler has been eliminated. In addition, the company’s Bollegraaf baler has yielded lower electrical costs and does not require a dedicated operator.

“The only problem with the HBC-100 is that it is constantly hungry for more,” Josephsen says.


Sennebogen names Gibson Machinery its top distributor

Gibson Machinery LLC, based in Oakwood Village, Ohio, was named the 2013 top Sennebogen distributor in the United States for material handlers at the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries Inc. (ISRI) 2014 Annual Convention, held in early April in Las Vegas. The company is celebrating its 10th anniversary as a Sennebogen distributor this year.

Gibson was honored at the Sennebogen LLC annual sales conference. The company reports that it has received recognition from Sennebogen every year since the manufacturer began announcing its top three distributors.

At the event, Alta Equipment Co., Wixom, Michigan, and ASC Construction Equipment USA Inc., headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina, were recognized as the second and third leading Sennebogen distributors, respectively.

“It’s no great secret,” says Lee Gibson, president of Gibson Machinery. “Our motto is to give customers ‘whatever it takes’ to service their fleet. It’s the basics of good sales and service: Know your product, understand what the customer needs, and stay on it day in and day out.”

According to Constantino Lannes, president of Sennebogen LLC, Gibson’s “day in, day out” consistency led to its success in the past year. “The Gibson team earned their top rank the hard way,” Lannes says. “They had no home run sales of our largest machines to generate higher revenues—just steady hard work to sell machines to typical customers,” he adds.

Gibson attributes the company’s sales success to its long-time, strong focus on the service side of the business, combining purpose-built equipment with responsive on-site service, parts availability, flexible financing and trade-ins.


Sargents Equipment picks up Terex Fuchs line

Terex Construction Americas, Southaven, Mississippi, has announced that Sargents Equipment and Repair Service is now the authorized distributor of Terex Fuchs material handlers for central and northern Illinois—including the entire Chicago market area—and the eastern, southern and northern portions of Wisconsin.

“Sargents Equipment has built a solid reputation for providing strong service support for the equipment lines they represent,” says Terex Construction Americas Sales Director Martin Gonzalez. “Mike Sargent (president of Sargents Equipment) grew up in the scrap market and has a unique understanding of the critical role material handling equipment plays in the success of an operation.”

Don Davies, vice president of sales for Sargents Equipment, says, “Sargents Equipment has grown from the service side of the business, and our owner, as well as key field personnel, has been involved in scrap-related businesses for years. Terex Fuchs has what we and our customers are looking for in a material handler, and the new Telematics system offered on Terex Fuchs machines allows us to be proactive from the service side to help improve our customers’ bottom line.”

Sargents Equipment has locations in South Chicago Heights and Gilberts, Illinois.


Wastequip launches aftermarket parts business

Wastequip, a Charlotte, North Carolina-based manufacturer of waste and recycling equipment, has launched Go To Parts, a new business that offers genuine OEM (original equipment manufacturer) aftermarket parts for waste, recycling and construction equipment.

Wastequip says its Go To Parts business offers a comprehensive selection of genuine OEM parts from brands such as Wastequip, Galbreath, Mountain Tarp, Pioneer, Accurate, Cusco and Toter. As a single-source supplier of aftermarket parts for containers, compactors, tarps, curbside collection carts, waste trucks and more, thousands of items are available with same-day shipping, expedited delivery and competitive freight rates, the company says.

Customers can order replacement parts through Wastequip’s Go To Parts online store at, by telephone or through the more than 200 dealer partners in the Go To Network.

The Go To Parts website offers user-friendly navigation and a search function for online parts identification, the company says. Parts can be ordered online and shipped the same day with next-day delivery, Wastequip adds.

The company says it also offers an advanced dealer locator tool to easily find certified Go To Parts dealers.

According to Wastequip, Go To Parts features:

  • a comprehensive inventory;
  • expedited delivery options and industry-leading freight rates;
  • easy access to availability, pricing, shipping and payment options;
  • the convenience of a single purchase point for genuine OEM aftermarket parts for Wastequip, Galbreath, Mountain Tarp, Pioneer, Accurate, Cusco and Toter branded products;
  • a nationwide network of dealers; and
  • an easy-to-navigate website.

“Until now, very few options have been available in the marketplace for purchasing parts,” says Robert Munroe, president of Wastequip’s parts division.

“Go To Parts is a one-stop shop, with what we believe to be the largest parts inventory available for waste, recycling and construction equipment,” he adds. “Genuine OEM parts are always in stock, with same-day shipping available, so it’s simple for customers to get the parts they need, when they need them.”


Lindner America demonstrates Urraco mobile shredder capabilities

On June 11, 2014, Raleigh, North Carolina-based Lindner America LLC demonstrated the capabilities of its new mobile shredder, the Urraco 95 DK, at a landfill in Long Island, New York. According to the shredding equipment manufacturer, clients from the surrounding area were able to see the Urraco 95 DK process various materials at very high rates for two days at the location.

“We can’t be more proud of what our engineers have accomplished with this design,” Andreas Schwarz, president of Lindner America LLC, says.

“Seeing the shredder in action clearly shows their decades of experience,” Schwarz adds.

Don Cotrona, the mobile division manager at Lindner America, says, “Being in this industry for over 25 years, I really appreciate all the advanced features this machine offers.”

The Urraco shredders are dual-shaft, low-speed, high-production shredders well-suited for processing scrap metals, tires and construction and demolition debris as well as for use in landfill compaction, according to Lindner America.

The Urraco 95 DK is a Cat diesel-powered shredder with 770 horsepower and a production capacity in excess of 100 tons per hour when processing C&D (construction and demolition) debris or similar material, according to Lindner America.

The machine’s modular design means its shafts can be exchanged easily to accommodate a variety of materials, the company adds.

Cars, engines and other scrap metals are among the materials that this shredder excels at processing, according to Lindner America.

Features of the Urraco mobile shredders include:

  • two movable, tilting hoppers that feed and manipulate material to the tool shafts;
  • fuel tanks on both sides of the shredder to eliminate the need for access doors and to improve access;
  • a three-section discharge conveyor system that folds easily for transport;
  • a large, color screen on the operations panel that offers improved visibility in sunlight; and
  • an optional ferrous overbelt magnet that has a 30 percent higher Gauss rating than competing machines and includes an adjustable height Magnet Mounting system that is designed to keep the magnet parallel to the discharge conveyor.

Lindner America says it also offers the smaller Urraco 75, which is suitable for applications that require from 20 to 70 tons per hour of output.

The Urraco 95 and 75 models are available in self-propelled and stationary diesel-powered models as well as in electric-powered stationary models, according to the company. The Urraco 75 also is available as an on-site towable diesel-powered version.

More information on the company’s Urraco line of mobile shredders is available through Lindner America by calling 919-783-7719, emailing or visiting


Munson Machinery to expand headquarters

Munson Machinery, a manufacturer of mixing and blending machinery, has expanded its Utica, New York, headquarters locations by one-third, according to Charles Divine, Munson Machinery president and CEO.

“The expansion will boost our fabrication and assembly capabilities to increase production and reduce lead times and permit reorganizing of existing manufacturing space to improve work flow and efficiency. It will also allow us to increase the size of our test lab,” Divine says.

The added space includes an expanded assembly area with 22-foot-high bays and two bridge crane systems to accommodate larger machines, a new shipping and receiving area with loading dock and space for a new water jet, sheet metal rollers and additional welding centers.

The test lab facility, where customers can test their materials on full-sized Munson equipment, will double in size, allowing multiple tests to be conducted at the same time.


Kobelco names Company Wrench its dealer in Philadelphia

Company Wrench, headquartered in Carroll, Ohio, has been named the official Kobelco dealer in the Philadelphia metropolitan area. With Company Wrench’s newly obtained sales territory comes a new facility in Williamstown, New Jersey, that will act as a regional hub and as the South Jersey Kobelco dealership.

Company Wrench’s new Kobelco sales territory covers more than half the state of New Jersey, with coverage in eight counties in the southern part of the state. The other half of the new Kobelco sales territory covers nine counties in southeastern Pennsylvania, including the Philadelphia metropolitan area.

Company Wrench says it focuses on the manufacturing, sale and rental of scrap, demolition and construction equipment, including parts and service.