Riverside Engineering Introduces Demand Shaver

Company rolls out shredder energy demand management program.


Riverside Engineering, San Antonio, has developed and launched Demand Shaver, a shredder energy demand management program that is designed to reduce peak demand usage and save operators an average of 20 to 30 percent in energy costs related to shredder operation.

According to a press release from Riverside Engineering, the “Demand Shaver system is a proprietary algorithm with user selectable parameters that automatically controls the shredder feed and material flow to smooth power consumption and eliminate expensive spikes in energy demand.”

The programmable-logic-controller- (PLC-) based program monitors real-time power consumption and shredder data, including RPM, load and motor thermal capacity. According to Riverside Engineering, “Based on the monitoring of these process variables, Demand Shaver will adjust infeed and DFR (double feed roller) to an optimal rate based on the utility rate structure with minimal impact to overall production volumes.”

Additional information is available from the Riverside Automation Web site at www.megashredder.com.