Pallets wrapped in stretch film
Five Points Films is a regional manufacturer of cast hand and machine stretch film for commercial customers.

Revolution acquires Five Points Films

Five Points Films is a regional manufacturer of cast hand and machine stretch film.


Revolution, a Little Rock, Arkansas-based manufacturer focused on processing recycled resin, has acquired Five Points Films, which is a regional manufacturer of cast hand and machine stretch film for commercial customers. Terms of the transaction have not been disclosed.

Five Points Films began operations in 2014 at its headquarters in Shelbyville, Tennessee. According to a news release from Revolution, Five Points Films recently made a multimillion-dollar investment in new production equipment that is projected to add 35 percent more capacity to its operations by the end of this year. Five Points Films has a team of about 50 employees. Revolution says it plans to keep all Five Points Films employees and executives on its team. 

With the Five Points acquisition, Revolution plans to expand its presence and apply its circular approach to the stretch film market. The company adds that stretch film is a category that has “long been in need of more sustainable solutions.” Revolution aims to incorporate more postconsumer resin into Five Points Films' stretch film products as a result of the acquisition.

Five Points is a truly impressive business grounded in a strong company culture and commitment to serving its customers. The success and growth that the company has demonstrated in the short time since its founding is a testament to its best-in-class operation, and we are very excited to welcome the Five Points team to the Revolution family,” says Sean Whiteley, CEO of Revolution. “We look forward to collaborating with and learning from the Five Points team in the coming months, working together to continue Five Points’ track record of producing quality products, while also bringing new innovations and sustainable solutions to the stretch film market, including the use of postconsumer material in stretch film products.”

Gregg Smith, president of Five Points, adds, “We set out to develop a stretch film company that customers would genuinely enjoy working with, delivering high quality, innovative products, personalized, friendly service and integrity at our foundation. By joining Revolution, we are confident that the success we have built will only continue thanks to our shared values of innovation and a commitment to taking care of the customer.”

"As we continue to collaborate with other organizations and associations, such as the Association of Plastic Recyclers' Demand Champions to find end markets for utilizing postconsumer resin in film products, we look forward to the opportunity Five Points' products will provide," adds Cherish Miller, vice president of sustainability and public affairs at Revolution.