Recycling Technologies to add RT7000 machine at Binn Eco Park

The RT7000 chemical recycling machine will be added to Scotland-based Binn Eco Park in mid-2019.

September 12, 2018

Recycling Technologies plans to place its first chemical recycling machine at Binn Eco Park, Perthshire, Scotland.

Capable of recycling 7,000 metric tons (more than 7,700 short tons) per year of mixed plastic waste, Recycling Technologies’ RT7000 machine will be added to Binn Eco Park in mid-2019, converting plastic waste back to Plaxx, an oil used to make new polymers. According to Recycling Technologies’ report, the company is creating capacity to recycle more plastics, including those considered unrecyclable, such as films, colored and laminated plastics, crisp packets and food pouches. 

The United Kingdom produces 3.3 million metric tons (or more than 3.6 million short tons) of plastic waste each year, yet it has only 360,000 metric tons (or almost 397,000 short tons) of annual plastic reprocessing capacity, according to the Environment Agency National Packaging Waste Database. With these figures, Recycling Technologies notes that there is a need to increase recycling in the U.K.

Recycling Technologies reports that it will be supported in its growth by selling packaging recovery notes (PRNs) in a three-year deal with compliance partner Ecosurety. According to the report, this new contract will deliver benefits to Ecosurety’s customers looking to invest in building domestic recycling infrastructure and in particular will support reprocessing of unrecyclable single-use plastics. 

According to the Recycling Technologies report, the first RT7000 will be built at the company’s new assembly facility in Swindon, England, which has the capacity to mass-produce 200 machines a year for installation at waste sites in the U.K. and worldwide.

Adrian Griffiths, CEO of Recycling Technologies, says in a report, “We have a new machine manufacturing facility and plan to grow rapidly. Our goal is to double the current U.K. recycling capacity by installing 50 machines [across the U.K.], starting in Scotland. We are changing the story of plastic by providing a commercial solution to chemically recycle waste plastic currently blighting the world’s environment. We are keen to accelerate our go-to-market and investment plans, and this PRN contract and planning permission puts us closer to achieving these plans.”