Recycling Perks rebrands to EnviroPerks

Recycling Perks rebrands to EnviroPerks

The company says the new name better reflects its extended benefits program.

January 8, 2021

The Chesapeake, Virginia-based recycling rewards program, Recycling Perks, has rebranded to EnviroPerks. The company says the new name better reflects its new, extended benefits program. With the addition of its Loyalty+ platform, EnviroPerks says its program has increased its savings potential for customers of waste haulers across the country.

EnviroPerks is a customer loyalty program that rewards its members for being loyal waste hauler customers. By providing added value in the form of discounts and rewards, customers of participating haulers can save more than they spend on their monthly hauling service, according to the company. Using an online interface, members use earned loyalty points to choose from hundreds of EnviroPerks rewards and thousands of no-points-needed Loyalty+ discounts.

EnviroPerks says rewards encourage good behavior and create customer loyalty. By applying this strategy to the waste industry, the company’s loyalty program gives users the benefits of savings on household expenses to encourage customer loyalty.

The program gives haulers an opportunity to differentiate themselves while encouraging customer loyalty, according to the company. EnviroPerks is working with haulers in a number of Virginia communities as well as in Denver and Colorado Springs, Colorado; Omaha, Nebraska; Sioux Falls, South Dakota; and with Waste Connections in Nebraska and North Carolina, according to the company’s web site.

“We’re really excited about the relaunch,” EnviroPerks President Bill Dempsey says. “It’s a similar structure from the resident user side that we’ve had success with in the past, but by expanding the benefits, we’re making it that much more rewarding for users and effective for haulers.”

Users of EnviroPerks earn points that can be redeemed for rewards on the EnviroPerks website. Additionally, customers now have access to more deals on household expenses and items using EnviroPerks’ exclusive, points-free Loyalty+ platform. Savings on everything from essentials such as energy, food and insurance to extras like hotels and electronics are available, and members will find that their total savings using points on the EnviroPerks website and the Loyalty+ platform can easily surpass their yearly hauling expenses, according to the company.

“We think we have something really special on our hands,” Dempsey says. “We’re encouraging people to recycle more and enabling them to save huge amounts of money in the process. Loyalty programs are popular, but they’ve never developed for the waste industry.”