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A generation in business together.

June 2, 2020


Q&A with Nick Giordano of Giordano's Waste & Recycle Management

Q: After 20+ years together, what keeps Giordano's Recycling using ROM?

A: The answer here is 21st Century Programming's customer service and response times. Their excellent customer service ensures that I get what I need to run my business.  Being efficient saves me money, and ROM gives me a single interface to get the job done. Because we can do everything in one system, from one company, it has helped us generate sales for two decades.  One of the huge benefits about using ROM, even when we first started with 21st Century almost twenty years ago, was bar-coding.. We were bar-coding scrap before anyone was even thinking about it.  It absolutely gave us a strategic advantage and has helped us save a lot of money. 21st Century has a stable, committed team with little turnover and great employees.  When you run a business, you do not have time to wait and 21st Century's reactions and response times are fantastic, bar none. 

Q: Have you looked at other software, and if so, why didn't you change?

A: I have never had to look at any other software because there is no point. ROM has the capability of supporting a company closed loop, from start to finish. The ROM software from 21st Century Programming is the absolute best and is leaps and bounds ahead of everybody else in the industry. 

Since we started with them, 21st Century Programming has never been afraid to customize the ROM software for each individual customer and this is great because every customer in our industry does things differently. 21st Century Programming is setup to respond so well that it is like I am building my own system without HAVING to build my own system, so why would I ever need anything else?

Q: What would you tell someone who was looking for software that did not have ROM?

A: Other companies do not know what they are missing out on if they are not using ROM. When the software was initially installed, 21st Century Programming has somebody in the office on east cost time, from west coast time, to support us every step of the way. 

For those who still are unsure about working with 21st Century Programming and learning new software, let me tell you that ROM University is awesome, too! No one else out there has anything like it. Both myself and my management team all went through ROM University and got graded on it. It was extremely helpful for how to use the system properly, right from the get-go.