Product Stewardship Institute recognizes industry and government for environmental achievements

Product Stewardship Institute recognizes industry and government for environmental achievements

Covanta, Staples among companies honored with 2015 Outstanding Industry Leadership Award.

January 8, 2016

In honor of its 15th anniversary, the Product Stewardship Institute (PSI), based in Boston, hosted its 2015 National Forum Dec. 8-9, 2015, in Boston. Environmental experts from around the United States, Europe and Canada gathered to discuss issues related to zero waste, product stewardship and the circular economy.

As a part of PSI’s anniversary celebration, the nonprofit honored key leaders from industry, government and organizations that have played a significant role in moving the product stewardship movement forward throughout the last 15 years.

2015 Outstanding Industry Leadership Awards:

  • Alison Keane, American Coatings Association; 
  • Marjaneh Zarrehparvar, PaintCare; 
  • Mark Buckley, Staples; and
  • John Waffenschmidt, Covanta.

2015 "Hometown Hero" Award for Outstanding Local Government Leadership:

  • Jennifer Holliday, Chittenden County Solid Waste District, Vermont.

2015 Outstanding State Government Leadership Awards:

  • Tom Metzner and Sherill Baldwin, Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection; and
  • Fenton Rood, Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality.

2015 Loyal Steward Award:

  • Scott Klag, Metro Regional Government, Oregon.

2015 "Gandalf" Award for Exceptional Guidance and Advising:

  • Dave Galvin, King County Local Hazardous Waste Management Program, Washington.

Covanta, based in Morristown, New Jersey, has been working with PSI to promote product stewardship initiatives around the country. In 2015, for instance, the energy-from-waste company started a voluntary thermostat collection program in partnership with PSI, the Thermostat Recycling Corp., Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality, and Locke Supply Co. It also offers to destroy pharmaceuticals collected by law enforcement officials at its facilities across the country, free of charge. To date, the company has collected more than 3 million pounds. Waffenschmidt, who accepted the award, also serves on PSI’s Advisory Council, and has been an influential mentor for many years.

Mark Buckley from Staples, Framingham, Massachusetts, accepted the “2015 Outstanding Industry Leadership Award” for his longtime leadership and collaborative attitude in the realm of product stewardship. Starting in 2004, Buckley worked with PSI to design, implement and evaluate the nation’s first computer take-back program. This project conveyed the success that can stem from collaboration between nonprofits, retailers, manufacturers and recyclers in initiating complex, innovative ideas that provide practical outcomes. Buckley has served on PSI’s Advisory Council since its inception in 2012, providing PSI with expert advice and a fresh perspective on its work.  

PSI says it is incredibly grateful for Covanta’s avid support and commitment to advancing product stewardship.

The PSI is a national, membership-based nonprofit committed to reducing the health, safety and environmental impacts of consumer products across their lifecycle with a strong focus on sustainable end-of-life management. PSI takes a product stewardship approach to solving waste management problems by encouraging product design changes and mediating stakeholder dialogues. With 47 state environmental agency members, along with hundreds of local government members from coast-to-coast and 95 corporate, business, academic, non-U.S. government and organizational partners, PSI works to design, implement, evaluate, strengthen and promote legislative and voluntary product stewardship initiatives across North America.