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March 2, 2016

Sicon EcoShred Vertec vertical shredder

Germany-based Sicon, with a U.S. affiliate in Alpharetta, Georgia, has introduced the EcoShred Vertec, which it describes as a “versatile vertical shredder” that is available in four sizes and features:

  • different rotor configurations adapted to the intended application
  • the ability to process electric motors, meatballs, electronic scrap, mixed scrap and cooling scrap to achieve scrap compaction or targeted material separation
  • a rotary shear, available in different versions and throughputs, can be installed upstream to achieve throughputs of up to 15 tons per hour
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IMRO RCSX-E series ultra-high-frequency eddy current separators

TAV Holdings of Atlanta has introduced to the U.S. market RCSX-E series ultra-high frequency eddy current separators (ECS) from IMRO, Uffenheim, Germany. They feature:

  • the ability to generate magnetic frequencies north of 1,300 hertz with rotors spinning at 4,000 rpm
  • designed to separate many nonferrous metals smaller than 3 millimeters (1/8 inch)
  • a patented adjustable pole system that can go from 0 to 20 degrees
  • a patented shell ring with lifting assistance
  • available in 40-, 60- and 80-inch sizes
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Machinex and Krysteline glass recycling solution

An alliance between Plessisville, Quebec-based Machinex and U.K.-based Krysteline Technologies has introduced Krysteline’s glass implosion technology and associated equipment to the North American marketplace, featuring:

  • Krysteline technology capable of enhancing the glass recovery process within a material recovery facility (MRF)
  • high-speed, low-energy Cascade Imploders resize glass
  • bulk handling equipment with air density cleanup and screeners
  • a range of glass purification systems and technologies for the removal of metals
  • the Pyro Drier, which removes nonglass contaminates
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Franklin Miller Taskmaster TM 1600 shredder

Franklin Miller Inc., Livingston, New Jersey, has introduced the Taskmaster TM 1600 twin-shaft shredder, which is suitable for a variety of applications, including plastics, paper and electronic components. It features:

  • two counter-rotating banks of cutters that intermesh at close clearance to chop and shear
  • a low-speed, high-torque mechanism that operates with little noise or vibration
  • horizontal and vertical installation options
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