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New and updated products for the recycling industry

January 3, 2019

Sennebogen 830 M E-Series material handler

Stanley, North Carolina-based Sennebogen LLC offers its 830 M E-Series material handler, which the company says saves fuel, reduces operating costs and works quietly with high-reach capabilities. The material handler comes equipped with:

  • a 225-horsepower Cummins QSB6.7 engine
  • a quick-changer for attachments
  • the company’s Maxcab, which can be elevated more than 8.5 feet
  • a mobile undercarriage with all-wheel drive, joystick steering and peripheral cameras right and rear

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CM Zero Waste System

Columbus McKinnon Corp., Sarasota, Florida, says its Zero Waste System separates commingled steel and rubber from passenger car and truck tires. The Zero Waste System:

  • includes the Liberator, which produces a 4-to-6-inch shred, and the Steel Reclaim System, which uses strong magnets to separate the steel from the rubber
  • reprocesses the steel with a screen before passing it to a magnet for further cleaning and separation
  • produces wire that can have less than 5 percent contamination

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Tuffboxx Camper container

TuffBoxx, Princeton, Ontario, offers a new dual-stream, double-door, animal-resistant waste or recycling receptacle. The container features:

  • galvanized steel construction to keep wildlife away
  • two 32-gallon containers with gravity-closing “mailbox” style chutes or with top lid access
  • lockable double lids and doors
  • inner hopper that directs material into an inner container to minimize deflection

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Builtrite 40-SE stationary electric material handler

Builtrite, Two Harbors, Minnesota, offers its smallest material handler, designed for loading smaller balers. The handler features:

  • an 18-foot boom
  • a remote operator’s station with a remote power unit
  • an operator’s platform connected to the loader
  • various attachments to suit different applications and customer preferences

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