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March 29, 2021

Rotar RSQ Quick-Coupler Adapter

Rotar International BV, a Netherlands-based manufacturer of hydraulic attachments for the demolition, recycling and scrap metal industries, has released its RSQ-full hydraulic quick-coupler adapter. The RSQ-full adapters:

  • feature redesigned rotator heads
  • are built directly into the slewing ring, and the bolted hammer-top plate disappears completely
  • can be nearly 8 inches shorter and up to 400 pounds lighter, depending on the attachment size, than traditional hammer-top plates
  • improve the stability of the attachment’s carrier because of the favorable center of gravity
  • come with a service inspection cover, providing easy access to components in the upper section of the attachment

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Air Cleaning Blowers

Highland, New York-based Air Cleaning Blowers LLC says it has developed and patented a series of technologies, named Air Cleaning Blowers or ACBs, that enable a blower to clean the air without using a filter element that clogs and constantly needs replacing. ACBs:

  • ventilate, pressurize and clean particles from dusty air without using any filter elements
  • help reduce the costs and complications of providing ventilation in industrial settings
  • are simpler to size and use than systems with ordinary air filters and air purifiers
  • provide constant and predictable airflow, air pressure, air quality and energy consumption
  • can be used in applications with airflows that range from 50 to 3,500 cubic feet per minute
  • can serve as prefilters for specialized downstream filters

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Thermo Fisher’s Niton XL5 Plus XRF Analyzer

Thermo Fisher Scientific, Tewksbury, Massachusetts, has launched its Niton XL5 Plus hand-held X-ray fluorescence (XRF) analyzer, which provides lab-quality elemental analysis. The Niton XL5 Plus:

  • offers users a small, lightweight and portable design, weighing only 2.8 pounds
  • features updated software and improved detector technology to provide accuracy when analyzing light elements as well as heavy metals
  • includes a detector protection feature to reduce the risk of damage to the detector window, boosting its durability, particularly in recycling and scrap metal settings
  • enables users to perform elemental analysis in hard-to-maneuver workspaces

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