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August 18, 2009

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Franklin Miller Taskmaster TM8516i. The TM8516i shredder from Franklin Miller, Livingston, N.J., features low-speed, high-torque, counter-rotating cutters that shear and shred a variety of material, from wood to plastics to documents. Other features include:

Capable of reprocessing scrap, reducing waste and pre-conditioning materials for further processing

Suitable for wet, dry, gravity or pressurized environments

Equipped with a stand, hopper and control as standard

Supplied with a variety of cutter configurations for fine or coarse output and a mechanical seal system

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MG Recycling Compact 220T Copper Wire Recycling System. The Compact 220T from MG Recycling srl, based in Italy, is designed to recover copper from electric cable using air separation technology. Features include:

Capable of handling fine wires using the cell granulator "pulverizator" between the blade mill and the air separator as well as rigid cable when the pulverizator is bypassed

Equipped with a self-cleaning dust control system

Capable of processing 550 to 660 pounds per hour

Measures 48.8 inches by 112.12 inches by 118 inches

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Bruker S1 TurboSD XRF Alloy Analyzer with SDD. The S1 TurboSD handheld analyzer from Bruker AXS, Madison, Wis., features the Bruker XFlash, a silicon drift detector, to aid in the analysis and identification of all classes of alloys, according to the company. Features include:

Designed to measure aluminum in titanium alloys and the major components of aluminum alloys without the use of a vacuum or helium

Empirical chemistry libraries for aluminum, titanium, ferrous, nickel, copper and cobalt alloys

Rapid grade identification with intuitive display of ranges

Two-year factory warranty

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Sterling SXS Shredder. The SXS series of single-shaft shredders from Sterling, New Berlin, Wis., is available with three different rotor types. Features include:

Rotors equipped with reversible square cutters

Designed to provide reduced heat buildup and degradation

Offers an abrasion-resistant rotor for longer life

Dual-motor driven

Second stage granulation can be configured as an option

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