Industry group makes case for paper in the classroom

Paper and Packaging Board says students, workers need time away from electronic screens.

January 8, 2020

The McLean, Virginia-based Paper and Packaging Board says its research shows that around 75 percent of people benefit from using paper learning, teaching or training.

The group says recent research conducted by Isobar Marketing Intelligence found that “consumer attitudes remain strong when it comes to paper’s value in their lives,” and that the same survey showed some consumers retain “concerns about digital” communication.

On the digital front, the research found that 80 percent of respondents deemed it important to take a break and “unplug” from digital devices. Seven out of 10 respondents agreed with the notion that being “plugged in” all the time is unhealthy.

In terms of paper’s use in daily life, the Isobar surveys found that in learning:

  • 75 percent agreed that taking notes by hand helps them retain information better;
  • 74 percent indicated they concentrate better when reading a printed book;
  • 62 percent wished their school or company would not discourage or restrict printing (a figure that has been rising the past four years, according to the board);
  • 76 percent stated that sitting down with a printed copy of a magazine is a rewarding experience; and
  • 67 percent indicated they prefer to distribute printed agendas and documents at meetings.

The survey responses were gathered over the course of the four years that the Paper and Packaging Board has been conducting its Paper & Packaging – How Life Unfolds campaign. which features paper and box animated characters on advertising and social media platforms.