PADNOS to increase its plastics recycling presence

PADNOS to increase its plastics recycling presence

Metals, plastic recycling firm to invest $6.6 million at plant in Wyoming, Michigan.

January 21, 2022

The Michigan Economic Development Corp. (MEDC) has announced that Holland, Michigan-based recycling company PADNOS intends to expand its plastic recycling operations in the city of Wyoming, Michigan.

A news release from the MEDC says a $6.6 million investment by PADNOS has been designed to increase its “capabilities into recycling ocean-bound plastics.” The plans to expand in Wyoming include adding new loading docks, a laboratory and a maintenance garage. The firm also will invest in electrical and infrastructure upgrades, according to the MEDC.

“PADNOS is proud to further our investment in the community while increasing our processing capabilities to meet market demands,” says Jonathan Padnos, president and CEO of the more than 115-year-old family business.

He adds, “We are seeing an increase in demand for recycled material and we are committed to working with our partners to get these materials back into new products and keeping them out of our landfills and oceans.”

“Michigan’s business climate and highly skilled workforce provide an environment where businesses like PADNOS can grow and thrive, creating good jobs for Michiganders,” comments Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer. “We’re pleased that this longstanding Michigan company has chosen to expand in our state. With the help of companies like PADNOS, we can continue growing Michigan’s economy.”

“Congratulations to the entire PADNOS team on your tremendous growth and success in West Michigan,” says Quentin Messer Jr., CEO of the MEDC. “We’re proud to join our local partners as we celebrate PADNOS’ expansion in Michigan and look forward to continuing to work together to grow, add jobs and provide greater opportunity for Michigan residents.”

PADNOS operates more than 20 locations in Michigan and Indiana, including auto shredders in Grand Rapids and in Howell, Michigan. The company’s operations traditionally focused on metal recycling, but it has been involved in the plastics sector for several years.