Microbrewery first to use Novelis’ Evercan aluminum sheet

Red Hare Brewing Co. will use high-recycled-content aluminum sheet for its beer can.


Novelis, an aluminum rolling and recycling firm based in Atlanta, has announced that the Marietta, Ga.-based microbrewery Red Hare Brewing Co. will be the first company in the country to use Novelis’ Evercan aluminum sheet for its beverage cans. According to Novelis, Evercan has been independently certified as a high-recycled-content aluminum sheet.

Red Hare’s beer will be packaged exclusively in cans made of Novelis' Evercan aluminum sheet, which is made of a guaranteed minimum 90-percent-recycled content, the company says. The can is expected to be on shelves beginning May 2014 and will be available throughout the Southeast.

"This introduction marks the commercial availability of the world's first certified-high-recycled-content aluminum beverage can," says Phil Martens, Novelis president and CEO. "Working with Red Hare, we have developed a proven supply chain to deliver this industry-first offering to consumers, setting an example that other beverage companies are sure to follow."

"Novelis' Evercan is a perfect fit for Red Hare," says Roger Davis, founder and CEO of Red Hare Brewing Co. "The independent certification of the closed-loop recycling process behind Evercan strengthens our commitment to employing the best in sustainable business practices, making evercan a natural extension of the Red Hare brand."