Utah’s Metro Group Opens New Plant

Scrap company now has four facilities in the Salt Lake City area.


Metro Group Inc. has opened a new recycling facility in Salt Lake City, one of the company’s four plants operating in that metropolitan area. The latest plant will processes both scrap metals and recovered fiber.

The company has installed a Harris baler and a Sierra 900 model shear at the site. Chris Bond, a spokesman for Metro Group, says the goal of the new facility is to process around 25,000 tons of ferrous scrap per year and 8 million pounds per month of nonferrous metals. The new facility also will be used as Metro’s main yard and headquarters location. Metro’s other facilities will be used as feeder yards.

The new facility is located on 40 acres in the city with 25 acres being used currently. The new location will be on concrete and includes an 80,000-square foot building that will be used as a warehouse and a 16,000-square-foot office building.

The plant also has an 80-car rail spur on its site designed to give the company greater flexibility in regard to shipping material to offshore sources. The rail spur also allows the company to offer customers the cost advantages of rail freight without requiring the capital investment of railroad access, additional personnel or equipment needed to unload rail cars, according to Metro Group.

Metro Group currently operates transloading stations in Salt Lake City, Utah, and Carlin, Nevada.

Last year, Metro Group’s recycling efforts helped reduce greenhouse gas emissions in Salt Lake County by more than 20 million pounds and conserved the energy equivalency of over 1 million gallons of gasoline through automobile recycling, the company says.

Metro Group has been in business under its present name for the past 35 years. In addition to the four Metro Group-branded facilities in the Salt Lake City area, the company operates three other recycling facilities under different names in Utah.