MetalX Commissions First Shredder

MetalX Commissions First Shredder

Company also says it now has 70 employees at its Waterloo, Ind., facility.


MetalX, a Waterloo, Ind.-scrap metal recycling company founded by the Rifkin family, reports that it has reached full production with its first shredder installation. The shredder, a Wendt Model 60, was officially commissioned Feb. 28, 2013, six weeks after the first components arrived on site. The shredder is expected to produce about 10,000 tons of shredded scrap in its first month of operation, the companies say. 

MetalX’s shredder feeds an oversized ferrous downstream and eddy-current separation line. The throughput capacity of the downstream line is more than 120 tons per hour. The system also is configured to accommodate a second shredder at a future date.

Danny Rifkin, MetalX CEO, says, “We have designed a shredding system that is different than other shredder installations. The result is greater flexibility, lower capital costs and increased operating efficiencies, all of which are critically important in today’s highly competitive environment.” 

MetalX says it expects to perform custom shredding for customers and intends to promote the cooperative development of proprietary shredded products for use in specific applications. “We are more interested in creating shredded products that add value for customers than simply producing a commodity grade of shredded, although that product will clearly be a significant part of our mix,” Rifkin says.
Brian Brown, MetalX vice president of engineering, adds, “This has been an exciting project that has moved at an incredible pace. We appreciate the extra effort put forth by all those involved—our own crews have been terrific, and the contractors and providers that worked around the clock in difficult winter conditions to get this done have been outstanding to work with.”

MetalX was profiled in the March 2013 issue of Recycling Today. To read the article, click here.