M&K Recovery Group Upgrades Facility

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September 10, 2008

M&K Recovery Group, a precious metals refining and computer recycling specialist announced its purchase and retrofit of a new $2 million facility in North Andover, Mass. The move is M&K's third and largest upgrade since 2000 and follows the 2006 addition of a second location in Austin, Texas. The expanded facility will accommodate M&K's upgraded degausser and shredder, used in hard drive and data destruction services, as well enable an overall increase in processing capacity.

"This expansion is a reflection of the increase in corporate awareness of the need for proper handling of recycling and reclamation materials," said William Rockett, VP, M&K Recovery Group. "By taking an approach that integrates environmental responsibility, asset recovery and customer security, we assist a range of customers including financial institutions, universities, jewelers and manufacturers, in keeping the environment safe from improper disposal of hazardous materials. Our vast product knowledge and processing experience allows us to offer a one-stop electronics recycling solution that maintains the highest level of commitment to today's environmental standards and procedures."

In addition to e-cycling and hard drive destruction, M&K's operations include a chemical refining method of recovering gold, silver, and platinum group metals from encapsulated and clad materials. A cyanide strip method is employed for gold-plated scrap products. These processes result in zero discharge and emissions-free, "clean" reclamation. Examples of recovery materials include: gold-plated scrap, including IC's, fingers, connectors, plugs and pins; gold and platinum group metals from bell jar and deposition scrapings/flake; and PT thermal couples and refractory waste.