Louisiana town says no to scrap facility expansion

North Lake Charles, Louisiana, City Council responds to opposition from residents.

December 27, 2017

The City Council of North Lake Charles, Louisiana, has voted four-to-two against a proposed expansion plan for a scrap processing facility in the city.

According to an online article from KPLC TV in Lake Charles, Louisiana, opposition to the plan by Louisiana Scrap Metal came from residents who live near the plant.

One resident complained of flat tires caused by pieces of scrap spilling from trucks and referred to the facility as “a hindrance to the community.”

The vote against the scrap firm’s expansion and relocation plan took place despite KPLC’s contention that North Lake Charles is “looking for economic growth.”

An attorney who appeared before city council to advocate for the expansion plan was quoted by the TV station as saying, “All they really want to do is move their building and relocate it. They are a lot of square footage, but they aren't changing what they are doing.”